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  • Guide to How to Optimize Ads.txt Media.Net on Blogger

    Optimize Ads.txt Media.Net. Among the sites that provide advertisements other than Google AdSense that requires publishers to install Authorized Digital Sellers or ads.txt is Media.Net. the benefits and function of installing ads.txt itself is to help ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold through authorized sellers (such as AdSense) that you have identified. creating your own ads.txt file gives you more control over who is allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent fake inventory from being displayed to advertisers

    Reference for you:
    It is strongly recommended that you use the ads.txt file. The ads.txt file can help ad inventory buyers identify fake inventory so you receive more advertiser spend that might be spent on counterfeit inventory. Source: Google Support

    How to Optimize Ads. txt Media.Net guide on Blogger

    Authorized Digital Sellers or ads.txt itself is usually always updated and the latest ads.txt file is provided for publishers to update (optimize) ads.txt that has been installed on their respective websites/blogs as I have just applied the ads.txt update from Infolinksand media.net on one of my blogs with English content, namely Blogger SEO Knowledge.

    Here I will share experiences and guidelines on how to Optimize ads.txt Media.Net for Publishers who use the Blogger platform.

    Open the Media.Net PubConsole Dashboard then select the Ads.txt Settings menu

    On the Ads / txt Settings window there appears a notification that ads.txt has not been Optimized, what needs to be done is Optimizing the Ads.Txt Settings Klick Optimize

    Media.Net will automatically check and scan the previously installed ads.txt file and display several points with a green checklist to optimize

    Get the ads.txt file by selecting the Copy Text to Clipboard menu or selecting the Ads.txt menu

    Open the Blogger Dashboard, select the Search Preferences sub-menu on the After menu then select enable custom Ads.txt

    Paste the ads.txt Media.Net file update to replace the previous ads.txt text file, then click Save Changes. Return to the Ads.txt Settings Media.Net Window, Klick Refresh.

    The results are ads.txt file successfully updated (Optimized) and there is no green checklist display on some text.

    Thus Tutorial How to Optimize Ads.txt Media.Net Tutorial for Publisher users of the Blogger platform. I hope it helps you, and don't forget to leave a trail by liking Fanspage, Subscribe and or sharing posts Sharing Tutorials Online to Social Media. Want to subscribe to the Latest Post Update Notification? Please Join with Us Berbagi Tutorial Online WhatsApp Grup or Blogger SEO Knowledge On Google News
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    • Sherin P Devassy - Pengunjung - 10/5/20 10:48 PM

      Thought to give a comment with a big thanks for the issues I as facing because of not aware how to add ads.txt in the blog. This is a best idea you have given with the screenshot and I have followed the step and optimized perfectly. Sincere thanks.

    • Simply My Perspective - Pengunjung - 4/7/20 8:23 AM

      Thank you so much, I wasted so much time trying to figure this out. Once I read your article, I figured it out in under a minute. Thanks again!

    • Berbagi Tutorial Online - Admin - 4/7/20 8:30 AM

      You're welcome Simply My Perpective, glad you could share

    • Rayn Gold - Pengunjung - 3/8/20 6:08 PM

      Hi can You Help ME For Placing Ads Like Your`s On My Website, Pls Answer me Or Give Your Any Social Account Address For Contacting You

    • Berbagi Tutorial Online - Admin - 3/8/20 8:10 PM

      Maybe I can help you, I'm glad to help, contact me via Facebook, account name Sahrul Parawie Weigel

    • Healthclass - Pengunjung - 28/8/20 10:10 PM

      Thanks , i could optimize after going through your content.

    • tike mik - Pengunjung - 2/2/21 8:53 PM

      Just because an experiment of yours fails does not mean you should just up and forget it. The whole point of experimenting is to find out what works and what does not. SEO Antwerpen

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