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Tutotorial How to Place Media.Net Ad Banner on Blogger

In the previous post I have already discussed the initial preparation of the activation of Account Publisher Media.Net with the title Tutorial How to Activate Approved Account Publisher Media.Net For those of you who are interested to read it please access the link.

Then in this post I will discuss the tutorial on how to put a banner ad from Media.Net to Blogspot to start earning from the management of blogs with English content.

Go to your Media.Net Dashboard Account page, then click on the AdUnits menu

In the Ad Units window there appears to be 3 Pihan banner ad type, first ad with size 300 x 250 which is a type of banner suitable fit installed in the Sidebar of popular posts widget that is in the right area of the post content page.

The second Banner ad with a size of 72 x 90 which is a suitable rectangular ad banner installed in the Header and Footer Blog area, can also be installed in the top area of the post, at the end of the post paragraph, in the middle of the post also matches the type This banner ad.

The third banner ad with size 160 x 600 which is a banner advertising a jumbo square, matched pinned in the footer area of the post precisely in the Related post area.

Klick Get Code to get the banner ad code. Copy the banner code of the ad you selected then next step paste the ad code into the ad placement area of the blog as you wish and target it.

For the easiest installation of Banner ads is through the layout Menu on the Blogger Dashboard. Click Add New Gadget then select HTML/JavaScript Widget. Paste the ad code that you copied earlier in the content area. Empty content titles are not necessary and must be filled in. Click Save, then to apply the Klick save the setting.

After you install the Media.Net ad Banner code via layout, the next step is to see the results of the implementation. And here's an example of installing Media.Net banner advertising on the Blogger Knowledge blog.

To increase revenue klick ads, just tips you should be diligent to create new posts content that is interesting and useful to get the blog richer post and open the opportunity to gain new visitor and maintain the visitor reader period Previously satisfied and interested to visit your blog's content updates to the future.

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