How to Install Huawei PC Manager on Computers and Laptops

One of the interesting features of Huawei devices is the existence of an ecosystem between Huawei devices. So we can connect between Huawei devices that we use so that all connected devices can be accessed and monitored simultaneously. For example, we can connect Laptops, Android Cellphones, and Huawei Smart Watches with the Huawei PC Manager Application on Computers and Laptops

However, it should be noted that the Huawei PC Manager Software can only be installed on a Huawei brand Computer or Laptop Device, it cannot legally be installed on a computer or laptop outside of Huawei products. if you try to force it to try, then in the initial process of running the Huawei PC Manager installer the following notification will appear:

The notification above more or less tells that the Huawei PC Manager Application is not compatible with devices outside of Huawei Products so it cannot be installed.

But apparently, I found a special way to be able to install and run the Huawei PC Manager Application on any brand of Computer and Laptop. For that, here I will share a tutorial on how to install the Huawei PC Manager application on a non-Huawei computer or laptop. Products that have been proven to be successfully installed on my PC with an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard

Before starting this tutorial, please download the application first Huawei PC Manager Unlocked. After successfully downloading, just extract 2 installer packages to the Desktop or to the directory where you want to extract them and set the date on the PC to May 12, 2020.

Run Application PCManagerMgr.exe in the PCManagerHuawei folder by Right-Clicking and RUN Administrator.

Enter the following code: 1DBDFC in the code field next to the Install button. Then Click Install to start the process.

The Huawei PC Manager Setup Installer will appear, please install and follow the instructions

After the Huawei PC Manager Application Install Process is complete, click Start, then configure it by clicking Next...and Next...

Then go back to the PCManager Mgr Application, Copy and save the Serial Number shown as I show in the screenshot below.

Up to here, we have successfully installed the Huawei PC Manager Application and the Huawei PC Manager Application is ready to be used with the old updated version.

Furthermore, to be more optimal, let's update the version of the Huawei PC Manager Application to the latest version. How to Click Uninstall on the PCManager Mgr Application, the Uninstall PC Manager dialog will appear.

Uninstall the Huawei PC Manager Application

After you finish uninstalling the Huawei PC Manager Application, it's time for us to reinstall the latest version of the Huawei PC Manager Update Application. the same as in the previous step. Run the PC Manager Mgr Application in the PCManagerSetup C233 Folder by Right-Clicking Run As Administrator

Enter the Code 1DBDFC in the Code column, then select the Custom SN option and enter the Serial Number that you copied earlier. Click Install to start the Huawei PC Manager Application Install process.

If a moment after you click Install, it turns out that the Huawei PC Manager Install Setup is not running, please check and make sure that the setup installer exe file name displayed in the column above is the same as the Huawei PC manager Installer file name. after that, restart the computer and try to install it again according to the instructions above

You should be able to install the Huawei PC Manager application on your favorite computer or laptop.

Don't forget to log in to your Huawei account in the Huawei PC Manager application.

Now we are ready to connect Huawei Mobile with a Computer or Laptop using the Huawei PC manager application, click Connect to start the process

Please try selecting the Connectivity option over the Bluetooth network and if it doesn't work you can use the option to connect it using the USB Data option.

With the Huawei PC Manager application, we can fully access our favorite Huawei cellphone on the computer. We can transfer data from a computer to a Huawei cellphone or vice versa easily and quickly

In the Explorer window, you can also send files directly from your computer to your Huawei Mobile device by Right-clicking File and selecting Send to Huawei login in to the Huawei PC Manager Application you can use your Huawei ID (registered mobile number) or it can also be done by Scanning the Barcode without having to input your Huawei Account ID and Password, don't forget to return the appropriate date settings after successful.

That's a tutorial guide on how to easily install the Huawei PC manager application on non-Huawei computers and laptops. Products that you can try to practice directly at home. Good luck and good luck. don't forget to write your experiences in the comments column after practicing this tutorial.

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