How to Flash Xiaomi MI 5X UFI Android Tool Box

A few days ago a customer of Android user Xiaomi Mi 5X came to me. Where his Android Xiaomi MI 5X MGD2 had problems with Stuck Fastboot and also Bootloop loading Android One but it didn't finish.

Usually, to solve any Android brand, which is experiencing Bootloop, Stuck in Logo, or Stuck FastBoot problems for Xiaomi Brand Android, the way is to re-flash it, and here are the steps to re-flash Android Xiaomi MI 5X using UFI Android Tool Box. for those of you who do not have UFI can use the flash Tool.

The first step is to connect the Xiaomi MI 5X to the computer using the EDL Test Point method. For the Qualcomm Xiaomi MI 5X EDL test point, you can search google. Download Firmware Xiaomi MI 5X HERI

After Android Xiaomi MI 5X is successfully connected to the computer in EDL mode Qualcomm Tool, run UFI Android Tool Box and click Identify Device to ensure that Xiaomi MI 5X device can be read by UFI Android Tool Box perfectly

Brand Choose Xiaomi, Platform: Qualcomm, Check FireHose then load Firehose, Rawprogram0.xml, and Patch0.xml for more details, see the screenshot below:

Click Flash to start the flashing process and wait for the flash process to complete by itself. A Flashing Completed notification appears which indicates the flash process has been completed and successful.

So far, we have succeeded in re-flashing the Xiaomi MI 5X Android using the UFI Android Tool Box. Should Android Xiaomi MI 5X experience Bootloop problems, Stuck Logo Boot, Stuck Fastboot, or completely dead have returned to normal, can be turned on and used properly.

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