How to Flash Redmi 3 Mido Hydra Qualcomm Tool

To overcome the Android Xiaomi Redmi 3 Mido which is having problems with Bootloop, Stuck on the MI Logo or Booting Android and is also stuck, is by re-flashing it. long story short here I just got a Factory Reset Redmi 3 Mido Job, the factory reset process went smoothly without problems but it turned out that Redmi 3 Mido became a Bootloop stuck on the android boot logo.

How to Re-Flash Redmi 3 Mido With Hydra Qualcomm Tool

Here are the steps to Re-Flash Android Redmi 3 Mido using the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application:

  1. Run the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application
  2. Connect Redmi 3 to the computer using the Qualcomm EDL Test Point method
  3. Select Flash Tool Mode on Hydra Qualcomm Tool
  4. Select Mode Manual Select Raw/XML path
  5. Manual load RawXML and PatchXML files and click flash
  6. Wait for the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application to detect, and read the Redmi 3 Mido Device and the flash process will run automatically
  7. Done

After the Redmi 3 Mido flash process is complete, unplug the USB connector, remove the battery connector and then plug it back in and try turning on the Redmi 3 Mido. Supposedly after re-flashing the Redmi 3 Mido it should be back to normal and can be used as it should.

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