How to Connect Canon EOS Camera with Computer

One of the exciting features of the Canon EOS DSLR Camera is the Synchronization feature between the Canon EOS Camera device and a Computer or Laptop via a Wifi network. so that with this feature users do not need to remove the Memory Card and use a card reader to connect to a computer device to take photos taken by the camera.

With the EOS Utility Application, we can easily access photo files taken by Canon EOS Cameras directly via a Wifi network without having to bother removing and installing the Memory Card installed on the Canon EOS camera.

Here are the steps to connect the Canon EOS Camera with the Computer and Laptop using EOS Utility 3.11.0 Application:

In the first step, please download the application first EOS Utility 3.11.0

After you download, just install the EOS Utility 3.11.0 application. How to install it, it's straightforward, you just click install and follow the next steps.

After installing the EOS Utility 3.11.0 application on your computer or laptop, run the EOS Utility Launcher application, the shortcut is on the desktop

Then let's move on to the Canon EOS Camera, here I use the Canon EOS 200D Camera, we will synchronize the EOS Camera with the computer, here are the steps:

Turn on your Canon EOS Camera, press the MENU button, and search for and find the Wireless Communication Settings option.

Select Wi-Fi Settings Option

Wifi position by default will be Disabled, change it to Enable

Then Name Your Camera, Confirm OK

Then the Transfer Image between cameras option will appear, select the Computer/Laptop icon

Select Menu Option Register a device for connection

Confirm Network Switch

Scroll down search and find the Wifi Network in your place, then connect

select Auto Setting Option for IP Address Setup

Confirm OK to start connectivity

Then you will find the User ID of your computer device, select it and confirm OK

Back to EOS Utility Launcher Application on Computer, Click Pairing Over Wi-Fi LAN

Click On Camera Model detected in EOS Utility Launcher App, and click Connect to connect.

So far, we have succeeded in connecting the Canon EOS DSLR Camera with a computer, please select the 2 top row menus, download photo files, or take photos using a computer

To download photo files manually (not all) select the Select and Download option

Then select and check the photos you want to download, then click on the file menu and select Download

Confirm OK to download Photo files from Canon EOS Cameras, you can change the default photo file storage folder by clicking Destination Folder Options.

The result is that the photo file from the Canon EOS DSLR Camera was successfully taken and entered into the My Pictures folder on the computer without having to remove and install the Memory Card.

Furthermore, if you want to take photos from a Canon DLSR camera after shooting, you can simply press the button on the top left representing the Wi-Fi icon, then your Canon EOS DLSR camera will automatically connect to the computer with a record of both devices both connected to the same Wifi network.

Okay...that's an easy way to connect the Conon EOS Camera with Computers and Laptops so that it is easier for us to access the photo files taken by the camera without having to bother removing the Memory Card to connect to the computer using the Card Reader.

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