How to Register for a Midwife SIPORLIN Membership

SIPORLIN is an online recording medium for the Continuing Professional Development Program (P2KB) activities for Health Workers. The following is a tutorial guide on how to register for SIPORLIN Midwife membership:

visit page Registration From IBISIPORLIN 

Then the Siporlin Registration Form window will appear, please fill it in according to your data and identity.

Fill in all the forms including the latest education history. For those of you with a Non-S1 educational background. For S2 and S3 levels, please select Other Options and fill in the major with Midwifery

After completing the Siporlin Registration Form, re-check the data that has been inputted and make sure there are no errors. After you are sure, then confirm the registration.

Untuk informasi selanjutnya terkait Pendaftaran Siporlin akan diinformasikan melalui pesan email yang digunakan dalam proses pendaftaran siporlin.

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