How to Overcome Oppo A5s Bootloop Stuck Logo Oppo

For the first time, I handle Android Oppo A5S with problems every time it is turned on it just stuck on the Oppo logo, and sometimes the Oppo logo disappeared by itself and the screen stays on. after I tried hard reset the result Oppo A5S still Bootloop even though the hard reset process via recovery can run normally.

The next step I usually take to deal with Android Bootloop or Stuck in the Logo is to re-flash using the firmware according to the Android brand and type.

How to Re-Flash Oppo A5S with Hydra Tool

Here are the steps for Full Re-flash Oppo A5S using the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application:

  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  2. Band option select Oppo, Model A5s (CPH1909)
  3. Select Flash menu tab, Load Oppo A5S Firmware then click Execute
  4. Take the Oppo A5S, in the power-off state simultaneously press the Volume Up and Down buttons then connect to the computer using USB Data
  5. Hydra MediaTek Tool application will detect and read Oppo A5s device
  6. Wait for Flash Process to complete automatically
  7. Done

In the process of re-flashing the Oppo A5S, it takes a long time, up to 27 minutes and then it's finished. After finishing the Flashing process and I tried to turn on the Oppo A5S strangely it immediately went into Settings mode as shown in the photo below

Even though I've tried turning it off and on again several times, the Oppo A5S still enters the blank settings menu as shown in the photo above. Then I tried to do a Factory Reset/Format Userdata:

Alhamdulillah, after I tried Factory Reset/Format Userdata which also took a long time, which is 25 minutes. Finally, the Oppo A5S can turn on normally again.

That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome the Oppo A5S which has a Bootloop Stuck problem on the Oppo Logo when it is turned on or on but there is no display using the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application that you can try to practice at home.

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