How to ByPass VIVO Y51 V2030 FRP PIN Pattern

Still, in the discussion of tutorials about Bypass Android in this post, I will share experiences and tutorials on how to deal with Android VIVO Y51 which is pattern locked, PIN locked, and or FRP locked Google Account.

In a previous post, I have discussed how to Overcome Android Xiaomi Redmi 9T Locked Pattern, PIN, FRP, or Mi Account with the title. Easy way ByPass Mi Account and FRP Redmi 9T

For the next, here I will share a tutorial on how to easily Bypass Android VIVO Y51 V2030 which is Pattern Locked, Screen PIN Locked, and or FRP Locked Google Account using the help of the Hydra Tool Application.

How to ByPass VIVO Y51 FRP PIN PatternV2030 Hydra Tool

For steps to Bypass Pattern, PIN, and FRP VIVO Y51 V2030 with the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application, please follow the following guide:

  1. Run the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application
  2. Connect VIVO Y51 with a computer using the Qualcomm EDL Test Point method
  3. On Brand Select VIVO, Choose Y51 Model
  4. Select Vivo Tab, Select Factory Reset Option, Reset Include FRP Then ClickExectue
  5. Wait for the Hydra Qualcomm Tool to detect and read the VIVO Y51 device
  6. The bypass process will run automatically, wait until the process is complete
  7. Done, turn on VIVO Y51< /li>
For the Qualcomm VIVO Y51 V2030 EDL test point, take a look at the photo below:

As additional information, be careful in the process of opening the VIVO Y51 backdoor which consists of 2 layers, the first layer is the outermost case and the second screen has a flexible fingerprint. Pattern locked because forgot the pattern, locked screen PIN due to Forgot PIN, locked FRP Google Account For forgetting email and or Google Account password using the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application.

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