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Back-link is one of the factors that affect the value of DA, PA, and DR and visitors from a Blog, because the presence of quality back-links and appropriate placement content of course increases your Blog visitors can increase significantly along with the increase in the value of DA and PA Blog  

In addition to the pluses where Blog Content Updates will have a great opportunity to occupy the position of Page One search results google internet users.  Content Placement can also be used as Link Building that aims to improve the off-page SEO of a blog.

What is content placement?

Content placement is one of the trend marketing strategies in online business as well as the latest website SEO practices. In language, placement content consists of 2 words, content and placement.

Content (content) is information prepared by the website or other electronic media. Placement means laying. That way, in language, content placement means the laying of content.

In terms and concise, content placement is publicity content in the form of articles on the web or one's website to create an online reputation and back-link.

In this article, there is a link (link) towards the website itself to become a back-link (link to our website) as one of the important SEO elements of a site.

Content Placement is the same as advertorial, paid post, and sponsored post. A special feature of article placement content is that there are links that are in the direction of a particular brand, product, or web.

I work on content placement

For tutorial open-content placement or back-link Anchor Text at a price that can be reached with placement content therefore you can get the most prospective unique visitors according to your blog or blog site niche, so the presence of user referrals can be a leader for closing the product or service you sell.

The price for placement content is generally an average price range between 250rb to 750rb but to Share Tutorials open placement content at a special price at a cheap and affordable rate of 150k only for articles from you and 350k if you want to receive it.

When your blog has content around technology, hardware, software, or programming guides, it's absolutely appropriate to publish placement content in The Sharing Tutorial. 

Then this illustration of the Rank Sharing Tutorial on Alexa dated October 27, 2021, will most likely continue to develop in a better direction in the future. 

The content placement itself has a nature forever, so you only pay once and your content is still published forever in The Sharing Tutorial. For those of you who are interested please contact me via  WhatsApp Chat.

In the experience of success and progress together

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