How to Display a Keyboard on a Windows Laptop Screen

How to display the keyboard on the laptop screen. The keyboard or keyboard that is one part of the computer or laptop components has a very important role when we want to do many things or typing work. The existence of obstacles or problems keyboard damaged will certainly make it the user difficult to when using a laptop or computer, because it can no longer be used to write on various application programs.

A keyboard can be damaged at any time, but fortunately, the Windows operating system provides a feature to display the keyboard on the screen. So you can use it in an emergency and can use a mouse to choose each personality.

Windows refers to this virtual keyboard feature as OSK (On-Screen-Keyboard) which has been around for a long time. But some users may still be confused about how to activate it without having to use the keyboard again, and only use the mouse. No need to worry, because this article will review how to activate the feature.

How to Display a Keyboard on a Laptop Screen

There are two steps to display the keyboard on the screen without having to use the keyboard again. So this condition is preferred for devices that do not have a keyboard or are damaged, so they can only use the mouse. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click right on Taskbar.
  2. Supply click the Show Touch Keyboard Button.
  3. option
  4. Next will appear the keyboard icon in the toolbar.
  5. Click 2x on that icon to appear on the keyboard on the screen.

In essence, the steps above explain activating the touch keyboard, which is more matched for touch screen devices. But it's just like OSK, it only has inequalities, where the keyboard doesn't hover like OSK.

How to Display On-Screen Keyboard Through

if you don't like the keyboard touch feature because it covers the page quite widely and can't be moved around, that means all you need is this OSK feature. And to enable it is also quite easy, here are more steps:

  1. Click START and click icon settings.
  2. I click on the Ease of Access.
  3. menu
  4. In addition, set the Keyboard.
  5. menu
  6. And the final stage is to activate the Use the On-Screen-Keyboard option
  7. When the keyboard will appear on the laptop screen

when the keyboard is already performing, do not press the close (X) key and simply minimize it. Because when it is closed, you have to repeat the above way to activate it again.

In between Touch Keyboard and On-Screen-Keyboard has its drawbacks and advantages. But what is commonly used is the On-Screen-Keyboard because it is easier to operate using a mouse and responsive size so that you can adjust the size and small appearance according to convenience.

While the Touch Keyboard is more matched on touch screen devices because of the ease of large keys to easy to reach. Therefore, please determine which one is suitable for your needs in using the keyboard on the screen.

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