How to ByPass PATTERN & PIN VIVO Y12 Hydra Tool

In previous posts, I have shared a tutorial on how to How to ByPass the PATTERN PIN FRP VIVO Y65 Hydra Tool.  Next to this post, I want to share the experience where for the first time I get a Job Bypass Pattern or a wayward VIVO Y12 PIN.

Why do I say recalcitrant? because in the process of bypassing patterns or screen pins Vivo Y12 that I just handled requires a fairly hard effort and is time-consuming. Supposedly the problem of Android VIVO Y12 locked Pattern or PIN can usually be handled in less than 5 minutes. 

But not for Vivo this one, where when I tried to bypass using SPFlash Manual mode format always failed and appeared a kind of error scatter that is not compatible. Whereas previously using the MANUAL FORMAT METHOD SPFlashtool I have proven and always succeeded. 

Also when I tried to use Hydra MediaTek Tool trial bypass pattern VIVO Y12 with the option factory reset / Format UserData also ended in failure. Hydra MediaTek Tool application always doesn't respond when the bypass process starts running. 

How to Remove THE PATTERN PIN VIVO Y12 Wayward Hydra Tool

After doing many experiments Finally the problem of the Android VIVO Y12 recalcitrant pattern can be resolved and the way is as follows:

  1. The Hydra MediaTek Tool
  2. At On Vivo Select Brand Options, Select Model Y12 (PD1901EF, PD1901BF, 1901 PD1903F)
  3. In Tab menu Service select Factory Reset/Format UserData option
  4. On Methode/Options select Zerowipe UserData then Klick Execute
  5. VIVO Y12 in power off press volume up and down buttons simultaneously and connect with the computer using USB Data.
  6. cable
  7. The Hydra MediaTek Tool application will automatically detect and read the VIVO Y12 device and the bypass process will run on its own
  8. The bypass process, until it is completed, is about 15-30 minutes
  9. Done
After the bypass process is complete, unplug the USB Data and turn on VIVO Y12 and wait for the boot process for a long time between 5 - 10 minutes. Furthermore, VIVO Y12 will go into the setup mode of new device use after the factory reset.

That's a tutorial guide on how to overcome the Android VIVO Y12  recalcitrant locked Pattern or PIN using the hydra Mediatek tool application that you can try to practice.

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