Easy Way byPass Pattern, PIN, FRP VIVO Y55S Hydra Tool

For the first time this afternoon, I got a job bypass pattern Android Vivo Y55S. Initially, Android VIVO Y55S is based on the owner's narration for the type is Vivo Y53. But after I checked the Device Info using Hydra Tool it turned out Vivo Y55S was seen on the model that is VIVO 1610.

Like usually to overcome the problem of forgetting patterns, forgetting screen PIN and locking FRP Google Account on My Android Phone using Hydra Tool which is one of the Mainstay Tools bypass Android apart from MRT Key.

How to Easily ByPass Vivo Y55S Pattern with Hydra Tool

Then these steps are bypass pattern or PIN screen and FRP Google Account VIVO Y55S using hydra tool:

  1. Select VIVO Y55S Locked Pattern
  2. Connect VIVO Y55S Locked Pattern with a computer while pressing Volume Up and Down keys simultaneously
  3. Klick Boot/Info to check and make sure the VIVO Y55S device reads
  4. Brand Select VIVO, Select Model Y55S (1610), select Vivo Tab, Select Factory Reset, Select Zero Wipe then Klick Execute
  5. VerIng Bypass Process
  6. Done

For more details note the screenshot below:

Re the Tutorial Guide How to Easily ByPass VIVO Y55S locked Pattern, Locked PIN Screen, Locked FRP Google Account using Hydra Qualcomm Tool.

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