Here's How to Easily Flash Redmi 3S Stuck Fastboot

Alhamdulillah, yesterday afternoon I got a Job Service Android Xiaomi Redmi 3S belonging to one of the regular customers who experienced stuck constraints in the Fastboot Logo. So Android Redmi 3S is delivered in the condition of entering Fastboot mode continuously until Drop or run out of battery power

S long as I know if Android Xiaomi has stuck in Fastboot there are 2 possibilities. The first possibility of the Down volume button pressing continuously by itself or the Android system is an error so it needs to be re-flashed system.

Thanans only here the first step I tried was to re-flash the Android Redmi 3S stuck in the Fastboot logo and here are the steps:

  1. Wup the backdoor case and PCB cover of the Redmi 3S machine
  2. Lepas LCD connector and Baterai
  3. Find the Location Point Test Point EDL Qualcomm Redmi 3S
  4. How Redmi 3S with a computer with The Qualcomm
  5. How MiFlash Tool
  6. Klick Refresh application and Load Firmware Redmi 3S. Make sure the Redmi 3S Device has been detected and equipped Mi Flash Tool on the ground with the advent of ID Device COM
  7. Pilih Clean All and Klick Flash Options
  8. Wait for Flash 
  9. Done

Pay attention to the photo below as a clue to the location of the Qualcomm Redmi 3S EDL Test Point

In the Tutorial Guide How to Easily Flash The Redmi 3S that has stuck constraints in the Fastboot Logo that you can try to practice. Good luck and good luck!

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