Easy Way byPass Mi Account Redmi Note 4X

A few days ago I got a job bypass Mi Account aka Mi Cloud Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. Where the owner allegedly did a hard reset and did not know the risks of doing a hard reset via recovery. As a result, Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X locked Mi Account and the owner did not know the Password of the MI Account that had been synchronized before.

Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X uses Qualcomm chipset. so in the bypass process must use Qualcomm's Test Point EDL method. The test point can be seen in the following photo:

In my time using the Hydra Tool Application and here are the steps by byPass Mi Account Redmi Note 4X using Hydra Qualcomm Tool:

  1. The Hydra Qualcomm Tool
  2. The Redmi 4X application in Qualcomm EDL mode
  3. Elect the Xiaomi Brand Option, Redmi Note 4X Model then select the Xiaomi Menu Tab
  4. In the Flash Mode option select Remove Mi Account (New Method)
  5. Klick Boot/Info first, after the Redmi Note 4X Device reads perfectly Klick Execute and wait for the bypass process to be completed
  6. Done

After the bypass process is complete and successful, remove the Batrai connector and install it again and turn on Redmi Note 4X. Thank God, Redmi Note 4X is free from Mi Account

To prove whether the Mi Account bypass process is really successful and clean, here I try to install the SIM Card and turn on The Internet Data, the results are really impressive, not until 1 minute redmi Note 4X locked Mi Account problem can be easily solved

Fry the Tutorial Guide How to Easily and Quickly Overcome Redmi Note 4X locked Mi Account using Hydra Tool that you can try to practice.

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