Easy way ByPass FRP Samsung J5 SM-J500G

Not all Samsung Brand Androids issued by old models that are locked FRP Google Accounts can be bypassed using the ODIN Application with Exynos files. For example, the Samsung J5 that I just handled, the first time I tried to bypass using the Exynos file through the ODIN application but the result was Failed alias failed.

It turns out that the FRP Bypass on Android Samsung J5 can be easily used using the HiJacker By Haggard FRP Application and here are the steps:

  1. Run FRP Hijacker By Haggard Application
  2. Connect Samsung J5 in Download mode. To enter download mode, press the Power Button, Home Button, and Volume Down simultaneously.
  3. In the Port Klick Scan option, and make sure the Samsung J5 Device has been detected and read
  4. On Please Select Your Device Select SM-J500G
  5. Select Remove FRP 
  6. Click Hijack IT!
  7. Wait for the Bypass Process, Samsung J5 will auto-restart after the process ByPass done
  8. Done

If the Samsung J5 turns on with the old boot logo like Bootloop, there's no need to panic, just wait because the boot process after the bypass is quite long, it can take between 5 - 20 minutes or more. Unless it's been waiting for 1 hour, it's still stuck on the logo, which means the Samsung J5 is really booted loop and needs to be re-flashed.

With the above method, the problem of Android Samsung J5 SM-J500G locked FRP Google Account can be easily solved. Good luck and good luck!!!

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