Solution How to Unlock Forgot Password BIOS Acer Laptops

For the first time, I got a Job Service Reinstallation of Acer Brand Notebook the type of Notebook that applies the BIOS password. So this user's Acer Notebook is constrained when it is turned on No Bootable Device which indicates that the Windows system hard drive is not detected and the solution is to reinstall it.

But because there is a BIOS password for booting settings to a Bootable Flashdisk, it can't be done here. I have to be able to open and access the bios first to change the boot priority while the owner doesn't remember and doesn't know the bios password that was previously created.

The method is quite easy to solve the problem of forgetting passwords or not knowing the BIOS password on Acer laptops. It is enough to take advantage of the Unlock Password feature, how to input or just enter any password, on the 3rd attempt to enter an incorrect password, the Enter Unlock Password option will appear.

Press the Enter key and then the Enter Unlock Password dialog will appear with Key Unlock information. With this unlock key we can get the unlock password by visiting the site.

visit website then enter the Key Unlock Password that is displayed on the laptop then click Get Password

Then the BIOS Unlock Password code will be displayed, choose according to the laptop brand and enter the code into the Laptop Unlock Password window, and press Enter.

Alhamdulillah, with the above method, an Acer laptop with an unknown bios password can be accessed on the bios page. We can set a clear password or directly set bootable priority to reinstall windows.

Thus is the solution for forgetting or not knowing the BIOS password for Acer Laptops. I think this method can also be applied to overcome the problem of forgetting or not knowing the BIOS password for other brands of laptops such as Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba

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