How to Flash Samsung J7 SM-G610Y via ODIN Tested

One of the ways to overcome the Samsung J7 SM-G610Y which has system problems such as Bootloop turns off and is stuck on the Samsung logo is by re-flashing it. That is Flash the Android system using the latest Samsung ODIN Flashtool and Firmware application to repair a corrupt or crash Android system Samsung J7 SM-G610Y.

The following is a tutorial guide on how to easily re-flash Android; Samsung J7 SM-G610Y using ODIN that you can try to practice:

  1. Download Firmware Samsung J7 SM-G610Y
  2. Extract Firmware to Desktop
  3. Run Odin Application
  4. Load Firmware AP only, ignore BL, CP, CSC Files
  5. Position Samsung J7 SM -G610Y to the download menu by simultaneously pressing and holding the Power, Home, and Volume Down buttons
  6. Confirm the download mode by pressing the Volume UP button and then connecting the Samsung J7 SM-G610Y with the computer using USB Data
  7. Make sure the Odin application has detected the Samsung J7 SM-G610Y device marked by the appearance of serial ID: COM then click Start
  8. Wait for the Fashing Process until the PASS notification appears
  9. Done, Samsung J7 SM-G610Y will restart by itself

The After Flash boot process is usually quite long, so there's no need to panic, just wait for the boot process and system App configuration to be complete.

If the Samsung J7 SM-G610Y is flashed using the AP file with Bootloop or Stuck in the logo, then do full flashing using 4 firmware fragments with the consequence that if the emmc condition is problematic, it is usually between two possibilities of life or total death.

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