Easy way to ByPass Pattern and FRP VIVO Y20S G V2038

Vivo Y20S G V2038 is one of the newest VIVO Brand Android products that has recently started to be widely used by the public and for  Overcoming the problem of forgetting patterns, PINs or FRPs on the Vivo Y20SG has not been widely supported by the ByPass Tool Android Application, such as the MRT and Hydra Tool.

Initially, I got the Job ByPass Pattern and FRP VIVO Y20S G V2038, I was quite confused, the article was that some of the VIVO Y20 series ByPass Options I tried didn't work. After looking around for a solution I finally got the right way and don't even need to use the Android Bypass Tool App.

Easy way ByPass VIVO Y20S G V2038 Pattern

to solve the problem of forgetting the pattern or PIN on the VIVO Y20S G V2038 the method is very easy, just use the factory reset feature via recovery, and here are the steps:

  1. turn off Vivo Y20s G Model (V2038)
  2. Press Power and Volume Up together, There is a vibration release the power button and keep pressing the Volume Up button until it enters Recovery
  3. Select Recovery Mode Options, use volume up and down to switch options and power to confirm
  4. Select Clear Data Option
  5. Select Clear all data then OK
  6. Done, Select Return, go back, and Restart

Easy way ByPass FRP VIVO Y20S G V2038

The following are the steps to bypass FRP Google Account VIVO Y20S G V2038 using the finger exercise method which is quite complicated but has proven to be successful without the need to use a computer:

  1. enter Wifi Settings
  2. Select the See All Option
  3. Select Add New Network
  4. Press the Enter SSID area
  5. Keyboard Pad appears select and presses the Mic logo then select Reject Options
  6. Repeat, press the Mic logo then select the Deny option until the Microphone Access Permission appears
  7. Select Options Open Microphone Access Permission Settings
  8. Confirm OK on How to Enable Permissions
  9. Select the Allow Option
  10. Click Search Logo, Type Settings
  11. Select Settings Options, Click Open
  12. Search Shortcuts and Accessibility
  13. Select Accessibility
  14. Select Accessibility Menu, allow Accessibility Menu Shortcut
  15. Back to Connect to Wi-Fi page
  16. Select the Accessibility logo in the bottom right corner
  17. Select Assistant Menu, say Settings
  18. Open the settings page, select Application Options, and Notifications
  19. Select See Everything Option, search and find Android Setup
  20. Then Force stop, then come back
  21. Click the three dots in the upper right corner, select show system
  22. Search and find Android Setup
  23. Thumps, disable, and Force stop
  24. Go back again and search and find Android System select Force stop
  25. Back again to see all apps page
  26. Search and find Google Play services, Disable and force stop
  27. Return to the main setup page and continue setting up settings
  28. Select Options back during update check
  29. Back to Connect to Wi-Fi page
  30. Select Option Set Up Offline
  31. Perform device setup settings for Vivo Y20s G Model (V2038)
  32. Done

That's the Tutorial Guide How to Easily ByPass Pattern or PIN and FRP Google Account VIVO Y20S G V2038 that you can try to practice. 

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