Guide How to Flash SPC S12 Mercury 3G

For how to flash Android SPC S12, it can be said that it is not easy and also not too difficult to practice. However, you need to be a little careful in the flashing process so you don't take the wrong steps and things don't happen, such as Android bootloop or crashing. 

For those of you who are used to flashing Android using the SPFlash Tool or ODIN for how to Flash Android SPC S12 using the Research Download Tool or Factory Download Tool, the procedure is almost the same or similar. It only differs in terms of appearance, menus, and firmware extensions used.

Here are the materials for Flashing Android SPC S12 that you need to prepare: 

  1. Download Research Download Tool and extract it to a directory that is easily accessible, for example on the desktop. 
  2. Download Driver Spredtrum then Install the driver, if you have previously installed the Spredtrum Driver, skip this step. 
  3. Download Firmware SPC S12 and extract it to an easily accessible Directory, for example to the Desktop.

After the three ingredients above are ready, it's time to start the Android SPC S12 flashing process as follows: 

  1. Run the Research Download Tool
  2. Click the Gear Icon to load the Frimware file, and wait until the firmware load process is complete, it is marked by the appearance of the firmware name next to the question mark ball icon.
  3. Click the Play Icon Button to start the Flashing process
  4. Press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously then plug in USB data that has been connected to the computer
  5. After the Research Download Tool application detects and reads the SPC S12 Android Device and the Flashing process runs, release the pressing of both Volume Up and Down buttons.
  6. Position Android Advan S12 in a safe place and wait for the flashing process to finish which usually takes 5-10 minutes.
  7. After the Flashing Process s finished is marked by the appearance of the Passed notification, unplug the USB data cable and try to turn on Android SPC S12
  8. Finish

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Flash Bootloop Android SPC S12, Forgot Pattern, Forgot PIN, Matot or other problems using the Research Download Tool application that you can try to practice.

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