7 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop Keyboard to Keep it Durable and Long Lasting

The keyboard is not only useful for typing, but it is also useful for giving orders to our laptop/notebook. Therefore, when the laptop keyboard is damaged or has an error, we are confused about how to fix it.

However, after the keyboard has been successfully repaired, all we have to do is take care of it so it doesn't get damaged again. Well, at this time the service tutorial will share how to care for a laptop keyboard so that it is durable and long-lasting.

How to Take Care of a Laptop Keyboard to Stay Durable and Long Lasting

Make sure you read it to the end so that we know how to take care of a keyboard like what is good.

7 Ways to Take Care of a Laptop Keyboard to Keep it Durable and Long Lasting

1. Use the Keyboard Cover

Use a rubber cover on your laptop keyboard. These laptop accessories are very important, even though they are only in the form of rubber. But it can hold water that is accidentally spilled, so it doesn't get into the gap between the keyboard. Often found in computer accessories stores, rubber keyboard covers. Starting from the usual, until there are covering the curves of the keyboard.

Another function of this rubber cover is to reduce the entry of dust or dirt on the keyboard. Because it is made of plastic, this cover can be washed when it gets dirty. But do not dry it in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Don't Press Too Hard

A laptop keyboard is a type of keyboard in which all components are connected by a small coil of wire. The jack connected to the keyboard is no more than 5cm. Therefore, when using the keyboard must be careful. Don't press hard on the keyboard. Laptop keyboards are very different from computer keyboards, so they are treated differently. The use of a hard keyboard, such as when playing games will make the keyboard easily damaged, insensitive, and can error forever.

3. Clean Dust and Dirt

In order for the keyboard to remain durable and long-lasting, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The goal is to remove dust or dirt that enters between the keyboard. Use a cleaning brush that can be purchased at a computer accessories store.

4. Don't Put Objects on the Keyboard

Sometimes we forget that the laptop keyboard can error if we put hard objects on it. Like putting cellphones, or other hard objects. This bad habit must be eliminated to keep our laptop keyboard durable and long-lasting.

5. Keep away from water and food

Sometimes we work accompanied by food and drink, it's normal if we spend more time in front of a laptop/notebook. But keep in mind, if accidentally food or drink hits or is spilled on the keyboard this can cause an error on the keyboard. Keep food and drinks away from the keyboard at least 1 meter away from the laptop. Try not to eat or drink near the laptop.

6. Add External Keyboard

For those of you who like to play games, using the keyboard smoothly is certainly impossible. Especially games that are challenging or action. Therefore, so that the laptop's main keyboard remains durable and long-lasting, add an external keyboard. The use of an external keyboard can reduce the use of the laptop's main keyboard. This can prevent errors on the keyboard.

7. Fix Keyboard If Error

After you have done the methods above but the keyboard is still in error or not working, then the thing to do is fix it. Repairing is more difficult than replacing, so be careful when using the keyboard. Do the steps above correctly.

Thus 7 Ways to Repair a Laptop Keyboard to Be Durable and Long Lasting. May be useful.

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