20 Powerful Tips for Saving Laptop Battery (Win 7,8,10)

As the times progress, the more advanced technology, the need for mobile devices is certainly more important. The same thing also happens to laptops, the thinner the design is, the easier it is to carry anywhere, unlike in the past.

In the past, thick, heavy, and expensive laptops were good. But now the design is cool, thin, and light of course with a capable performance. If in the past laptops and batteries could be removed, now more batteries are directly installed in the laptop and cannot be removed.

The ability of laptops to be improved, reliable, and when used to work faster. The more sophisticated the specifications of the laptop, of course, must be supported by the battery life as an energy storage medium.

Battery life, for now, is classified as longer and more efficient, but still, the name in front of the laptop doesn't feel like time has passed. And suddenly the battery becomes only a few percent.

Therefore, the following service tutorial will share how to save laptop battery, both for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 to make your laptop durable and long-lasting.

Powerful Tips How to Save Laptop Battery (Win 7,8,10)

How to Save Laptop Battery

1. Turn off Wireless

Wireless drains laptop energy even when it is not connected to a wifi network around you. So it would be better to turn it off. Wireless that continues to live without being turned off will consume a lot of energy in your laptop.

2. Turn off Bluetooth

Turning off Bluetooth can also save the laptop battery. Same with wireless, Bluetooth that stays on but is not connected to other devices will still suck energy from your laptop. So if after using Bluetooth don't forget to turn it off. This simple step can save battery so it doesn't run out quickly

3. Reduce Laptop Screen Brightness

Brightness or brightness that is too high will definitely make the battery used up more. We recommend that you set the brightness to a medium level, or if you use a laptop at night, don't get too bright. Because in addition to saving battery can also avoid damage to your eyes.

4. Turn Off Unused Programs

When we work sometimes we are lazy or accidentally open many programs. Whether the program is light or heavy, this of course makes more energy consumption in the battery wasted because the program that is opened is not used.

A good step is to close programs that are not used or needed. So that it slightly reduces battery consumption to keep it durable and long-lasting.

5. Stop Programs Running in System Background

The point is to stop programs that run behind the scenes, such as adobe reader, windows update, and others. Programs that run behind the scenes unknowingly drain the battery quickly.

So make sure you stop it by the end process in the task manager. This is important because the program always appears if the process is not stopped.

6. Do not play DVD/CD directly on the laptop

If you want to play a cassette cd or DVD on a laptop, it is better if the data in the cd is moved/copied first to the laptop. Because if you play a cd/DVD directly on a laptop too often, it can cause a laptop error and heavier performance, which of course drains battery energy.

We recommend that you do not play cd / DVD when other programs are in use or are working. Because this will make the laptop hot quickly and the battery runs out quickly.

7. Use Multimedia as Necessary

When working, of course, you will be calmer and enjoy when accompanied by music or the strains of instrument songs. It doesn't really eat up too much battery, but it would be nice to use the standard volume. Do not be too loud or full volume. Although simple, this method can save the battery so it doesn't run out quickly.

8. Play Movies In Media Player

In addition to method no.7, it is better if you are going to play movies on CD or downloaded movies, you should use a media player that is easy and not heavy. Use the gom player application or media player classic. This can save battery although not too much.

9. Use Power Saver

For all users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, it is certainly more battery efficient because battery-saving tools have been provided, namely battery saver. Activate this feature so that when you use a laptop it saves battery.

Just look at your laptop's taskbar, usually, this feature will appear.

10. Use Airplane Mode When Not Connected to the Internet

Using airplane mode will make you more secure because battery consumption will automatically be saved by the laptop system. When you want to travel or get on a plane, this feature is very important to activate because it can drain the laptop battery more.

11. Disable Location

For Windows 10 users, this feature can show where we are. This will be seen if we are going to share our status on social media, this feature is like GPS, which will show our whereabouts so that other people will know. It's better to just turn off this feature because in addition to security it is also so that the battery remains durable and long-lasting.

12. Download Internet Videos, Don't Stream

Downloading videos directly will save battery life than streaming videos. You know that the network in our country is not stable in every area, streaming video will drain the battery faster.

It's better to download the video first and then play it offline on your laptop. Of course, it will save more battery than direct steaming.

13. Change Power And Sleep

You can change the settings for how long the laptop screen turns off automatically when the laptop is not used or touched. This method will save battery when suddenly there are other needs and you forget to sleep on your laptop.

Click settings then select System and click Power & Sleep. This method is very useful for those of you who often use Windows 10 or Windows 8 laptops.

14. Disable Programs In Windows startup

Almost similar to this 5-step method can save programs that automatically run when Windows startup. This program automatically runs in the background and consumes battery energy silently without us knowing.

To turn off the startup program, just go to the task manager and set the Disable program setting. The more startup programs you disable, the less battery consumption. And it definitely makes the battery last longer and the laptop lasts longer.

15. Setting Off Background Apps

For Windows 10 users, there are usually many default applications that are already there when you install them. This application runs in the background of the Windows 10 system. So it's better to disable it, the method is quite simple, namely open Settings then select Privacy then select Background Apps. Simply by sliding the Off button to the desired background application.

Examples of unused applications are Get Office, Weather, Xbox, Groove, and others. The more apps you disable, the longer your battery will run out.

16. Disable Windows Update

For those of you who work offline, you should turn off Windows Update on the laptop. This method can certainly be applied to windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10. Because windows updates run automatically when the laptop is connected to the internet. This can take a long time when the update process is automatic and of course drains battery power. For that, it is better to disable Windows Update on your laptop.

17. Unplug the Charger When It's Fully Charged

Like how to take care of a laptop for beginners in the previous article. That is when charging the laptop and it is 100% full, immediately unplug the charger from the laptop. This is indeed recommended so that the laptop is not overcapacity and the battery remains in a stable condition.

18. Place the Laptop in a Closed and Cold Room

The room or place plays a very important role in the laptop's heat level. Therefore, use a cool, closed place and if you have enough money, install a cooler in the room.

A cold laptop condition will certainly save the battery and the laptop will last longer because the temperature remains stable. However, if you place the laptop in an open room, it will heat up faster. At least do not put the laptop in a hot place.

19. Use Cooling Fan

Using an additional fan on the laptop will keep the laptop cool and not hot easily. A hot laptop will drain battery power faster because the laptop will continue to try to expel the air inside the laptop.

20. Rest Laptop

The last way to save battery is to rest the laptop when it has been working for a long time. Even if you use a cooling fan, working for a long time will also make the laptop expend more energy. We recommend that when it has been used for hours, rest the laptop for about 30 minutes.

The goal is for the laptop to return to good performance and the battery remains normal. This method can save the laptop battery to keep it durable and long-lasting.

Thus 20 powerful tips on how to save laptop battery that you can apply to your laptop either using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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