How to View Microsoft Word Rulers and Margins

In the previous post, I have discussed how to open a Microsoft Word worksheet. In this post, I will share tutorials on how to display the Ruler (Ruler Options) and Margins (Word Worksheet Border) by default this option must be activated manually.

A ruler is an option that displays the size of a page in cm or inches which is displayed on the top and left edges of a word work page. It functions to adjust or align objects in a word worksheet, be it text, images, tables, and so on to make it more structured and look neat

Margin is the border of the Word worksheet page in the form of dotted dots that form a square following the width of the word working page serves as a guide to the boundaries of the typing area with the paper border.

Because the Ruler and Margin Options are not automatically displayed, some people can activate the Ruler, and Margin Options is not easy, especially for beginners who are still in the learning stage. A little additional information, in this tutorial I use Microsoft Word 2019 with the Windows 11 Computer Operating system

How to Show Microsoft Word Ruler

The first step is to open a Microsoft Word work page, then by default, the initial display will be as shown in the screenshot below, it looks clean, without any size lines (ruler options) and the border of the typing page.

Click the View Menu then give a checklist to the Ruler Options, then the Ruler Options will automatically be displayed on the word worksheet.

How to Show Microsoft Word Margins

To display the Margins on a word worksheet, the way is to access the icon as shown in the screenshot below then select the More Commands option

In the Word Options Window, Select Advanced Options

Scroll down the search and find the Show Boundaries Text Option, if you have found it, you just need to check the Show Boundaries Text Option then confirm OK to apply

That's a quick tutorial on how to easily activate or display the Ruler and Margin Options on a Microsoft Word worksheet page to make it easier to process word documents that you can try to practice.

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