How to Open a Word Worksheet in Windows 11

Microsoft Word is an application that is needed by almost everyone and almost everyone uses it, especially computer and laptop users. Where for now documents in the handwritten form are almost no longer used and are only used for certain things such as job applications or statements required by an agency in handwritten form.

but in fact, not all computer and laptop users are able to proficiently operate Microsoft Word, especially those who are still beginners in the learning stage and are new to computers and laptops of course to run the Microsoft Word application will feel confused and do not know how or the procedure. 

In this post, I will share a tutorial on how to open a Word worksheet for those of you who are new and just learning to operate a computer or laptop. As additional information, here I am using Microsoft Word 2019 with the Windows 11 Operating System. 

In general, the steps for opening a word worksheet, whether it's Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Word 2019, or Microsoft Word 2013 are almost the same, only the appearance is different.

How to Open a Microsoft Word 2019 Worksheet

First Click the Start Button, then select the Word Application

Then on the Home Window Click Blank Document

Or you can also click New

Then click New Blank Document

Then the Microsoft Word 2019 Worksheet will open and you can start typing

That's a short tutorial guide on how to open a Microsoft Word 2019 worksheet on a computer or laptop that uses the Windows 11 operating system that you can try to practice.

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