Tutorial How to Reset Canon MX397 Printer

Manual Reset Canon MX397 Printer, Download Canon PIXMA MX397 Color Inkjet Printer Memory Overflow Reset Printer Canon MX397 Error 5b00,5b01,5b02, 1700

The steps to reset the Canon MX397 printer are simple but not everyone can do it. To be able to quickly fix the problem of the Canon MX397 printer blinking 7 times alternately and unable to print you must follow the following guidelines.

During the process of using a Canon printer, you will encounter errors blink 7 times on computer system error warnings Error 5b00,5b01,5b02, 1700. The machine cannot print. The way to fix this problem is to reset the printer using a software resetter.

In this article, I will provide the clearest detailed instructions on how to reset a Canon MX397 printer so that anyone can do it.

First please download software reset printer canon mx397

To reset the Canon MX397 printer we must condition the MX397 Printer to Save Mode in the following way:

    1. Turn off the printer
    2. Hold down the STOP button and hold down the power button.
    3. Keep holding the power button and release the STOP button.
    4. Press the STOP button 5 times then release the power button.
    5. You will see 2 lights are no longer blinking when your device is in Safe Mode.

    How to Reset Canon MX397 Printer:

    On the "Clear Ink Counter" Absorber, select "Main" to the right of the Counter Value (%) 0, select "Set", then set the D mode to = 0 Click "EEPROM Save" to check the result, and press EEPROM to make the printer issue the test print. Once you have completed the above steps, turn off your device and turn it on again to complete the process of resetting your Canon MX397 printer

    That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Reset a Canon MX397 Printer that has Error 5b00,5b01,5b02, 1700 that you can try to practice.

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