How to Register and Renew the Nutritionist STR

Nutritionist sTR is a written proof of registration (STR) provided by the DinasMTKI (Indonesian Health Workforce Council). STR is also one of the requirements that must be met in order to obtain a SIP (Practice License) or SIK (Work Permit). STR issued by.

Like a driver's license for motorized vehicle drivers, STR is a document as proof that the health worker has really been recognized and is eligible to become a health worker in order to provide health services to the public if they meet the requirements, namely having a competency test certificate given to them. students after being declared to have passed the education program exam and competency test obtained after passing the competency test by DIKTI and having a diploma issued by the student's college.

Registration Certificate (STR) is valid for five years and can be extended every five years. STR is deemed invalid when the validity period expires, is revoked on the basis of laws and regulations, at the request of the person concerned, or the person concerned dies. As long as the STR is in effect, health workers must meet 25 SKP (Professional Credit Units).

As for the fulfillment of the SKP is a requirement to extend the validity period of STR. In accordance with Permenkes 1796 of 2011, STR which has expired can be extended through the participation of health workers in education and/or training activities, other scientific activities according to their profession, as well as community service activities. And it can also be obtained through online registration or renewal when it has expired.

How to Register and Renew the Nutritionist STR

On this occasion, I will share a tutorial on how to make or manage STR extension for Health Workers in the field of Giz Experts through the Ministry of Health's KTKI website. Because it turns out that there are still many health workers who do not understand how to get STR for applicants and extend STR for STR owners that have expired. 

The first step, please open the website for the online registration of health workers. KTKI, the Ministry of Health, the Indonesian Health Workforce Assembly, for now, STR Online Ver. 2.0 via the following link: Registration STR Online Ver.2.0.

Before you decide to start registering, prepare the physical documents that are the conditions for the online registration and extension process including:
  • Fit Photo in an upright position and a red background with a JPG file extension with a maximum size of 4x6 200KB
  • Scan File Health Certificate with PDF extension with a maximum size of 1 MB
  • Scan STR File Length of PDF extension with a maximum size of 1 MB
  • Scand Letter file Professional Recommendation PDF extension with a maximum size of 1 MB
  • NPWP number
  • Address and telephone number of the office where on duty
  • Personal Address and Telephone Number
  • KTP and IJAZAH for data input guidelines
A professional recommendation letter must be prepared, without this letter, you will not be able to register or extend STR online. The PDF Physical Evidence file that will be uploaded above can be scanned using the Scand Android application or using the Canon Scanner application. So that the scan result file is not larger than 1 MB. Use a resolution below 300 dpi.

After you have prepared all of the above documents, then you can start registering by accessing the registration link I provided above. On the STR Online Registration Application page, you are asked to enter your email and PIN.

Select the option do not have a PIN then Prepare an Email, No. NIK, Name according to KTP, Place of Birth according to KTP, Date of Birth according to KTP and enter the Captcha Code then Click Register. 

Then you will receive a PIN code for the next Registration Process as shown in the screenshot below

Registration PIN code is also sent via the Email Message that you used to register. Don't Forget to Save the PIN Code

After that, click START REGISTRATION Menu Options, Fill in the Subsequent Registration Form which includes Name, Place of Birth, Date of Birth and STR Number, namely the Last 7 Digits of the STR Number.

The Personal Data Option Window appears, Select the Personal Data Option from DUKCAPIL or Select Personal Data from the Old STR (Adjust the Option Based on Your Identity on the Diploma)

For New STR Registration or Re-registration is the same, Please Fill in and Complete the Upload Document Step 1 New STR Submission Form or Re-Registration as shown in the screenshot below:

Make sure the identity data and files uploaded are correct and in accordance with their place

Click the Continue button to proceed to Step 2 of the New STR Submission Form or Re-registration

Fill in and complete the new STR submission form or re-registration Step 2

Click the Next Button to go to Step 3 of the New STR Submission Form or Re-registration

After completing filling in the New STR Submission Form or Re-registration Step 2 Click Continue to continue filling in the New STR Submission Form or Re-registration Step 3.

Click Finish, when you have finished filling in the New STR Submission Form or Re-registration Step 3. You can press the Back button to recheck the filling of Forms Step 1 and 2

then we will receive a notification of the STR Online Registration Proposal Data that you have made. Your application is pending data validation and validity by the Central Professional Organization. If there is an error/deficiency/discrepancy, you will receive a notification via an email message and also on the proposal status dashboard.

You can also periodically check the status of the proposal through the STR Online V.20 Registration Application Website using your email address and PIN to log in.

For example, here is a notification of Lack of Upload Documents where specifically for Nutritionist Health Workers, the uploaded diploma file must be accompanied by a Persagi (National) Membership Card (KTA)

Scan the Persagi (National) Certificate of Certificate and Membership Card (KTA) into one PDF file, then re-upload it to implement the proposed improvements in accordance with the instructions given.

As Additional Information specifically for Saturdays and Sundays starting on January 4, 2021, the STR Online Registration website is closed for registration and checking the status of the proposal as described in the screenshot below:

The impact of a large number of registrations and STR extensions, the registration validation process and STR extension are long, where previously it only took 2 - 3 working days, now it can be more than one week or even months. There is no choice but to be patient waiting for the queue because the KTKI itself advises not to repeatedly send question messages regarding the length of the validation process via email messages. 
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