Tutorial How to Easy ByPass Vivo Y81 1808 Screen PIN Pattern

To solve the problem of a locked Android Vivo Y81 1808 due to forgetting the pattern or screen password PIN, it cannot be done via hard reset. One of the easiest ways to overcome forgetting the Vivo Y81 1808 screen pattern or PIN is to use the MRT Key application.

The following are the steps to ByPass the Vivo Y81 1808 Pattern or PIN using the MRT Key Application:

    1. prepare the MRT Key Application 2.60 or the latest update too
    2. Run the MRT Key Application for example here MRT Key Ver 3.82
    3. Select VIVO Options, Set Model Y83 and Port Auto in Mobile Options
    4. Select the Format (Unlock) option in Operation Options
    5. Click Start
    6. Turn off the Vivo Y81 1808
    7. Press and Hold Volume UP and Down Keys together
    8. Connect Vivo Y81 1808 with computer via USB Data Cable
    9. Wait for the MRT Key Application to detect and Read the Vivo Y81 1808 Device
    10. When the MRT Key application detects and reads the Vivo Y81 1808 device, it is indicated by the appearance of a running text in the MRT Key Log Window, release the pressing of the two buttons
    11. Wait for the ByPass By MRT Key Process
    12. Done, marked by the appearance of notification all is done !!!
    13. Turn on the Vivo Y81 1808
    Note: Before practicing this tutorial, make sure you have installed the MTK and LibUSB Drivers so that the Vivo Y81 1808 Device can be detected and read by the MRT Key Application.

    After completing the Format (Unlock), turn on the Vivo Y81 1808, usually, the loading process takes a while so there is no need to panic and be afraid of the Vivo Y81 1808 boot loop.

    usually every ByPass Pattern or any Android PIN, we will definitely get a Bonus called Locked FRP Google Account.

    To fix this, go through the settings for the new device setup without an internet connection to confirm the pattern creation and security questions and answers. Then return to the internet network connection settings, connect Vivo Y81 1808 with Wifi Hotspot, or plug in a SIM card then do the device setup settings until it's finished.

    If in the process of ByPass Pattern or Vivo Y81 1808 PIN using the latest update MRT Key application fails, use MRT Key version 2.60 with the settings as shown in the screenshot below:

    for more details, please refer to the following video documentation:

    This is the Tutorial Guide for the Easy and Fast Way to Bypass the Vivo Y81 1808 Screen Pattern or PIN using the MRT Key Application. Good luck, and thank you for visiting.

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