Guide on How to Reset Canon IX6870 Printer

Guide to Reset Canon IX 6870 Printer Blinks 7 Times Fastest Error 5B00 Error Lights, Download the Latest Canon Pixma ix6870 Reset Software Permanently with the Key Service Tool, Just a few steps you can reset the printer at home without having to take it. time.

During the process of using the Canon IX 6870 printer, you will encounter Error 5B00 flashing error 7 lights alternately (power light and arrow light); the machine cannot print. The way to fix this error is to reset the printer using the software.

In this article, I will guide you in detail on how to reset the Canon IX6870 printer that anyone can apply.

To reset the Canon Pixma IX6870 printer you must position the Canon IX6870 Printer to Service Mode position before resetting using Canon Software IX6870 Resetter.

How to Enter Canon IX6870 Save Mode

    1. Turn off the Canon IX6870
    2. Press and Hold the paper button and hold the power button.
    3. Continue to hold the power button and release the paper button.
    4. Press the paper button 5 times then release the power button
    5. You will see 2 lights no longer blink, which means that the Canon IX6870 Printer is in the Save Mode position

    Use  Canon Service Tool IX6870 Resetter to reset the Canon IX6870 printer

    When you have positioned the Canon IX670 Printer into Save Mode then the Canon Resetter Service Tool Application title will display the model name and a serial number of the machine, SN will match the SN number on your printer.

    Continue to the section under "Clear Ink Counter" Absorber You select "Main" to the right of Counter Value (%) 0 You select "Set", complete set of mode D will return to = 0 You press "EEPROM Save" to check the result, and press EEPROM so that the printer can print a test print.

    When you have completed the steps above, turn off your device and turn it on again to complete the reset process of your Canon IX6870 printer.

    That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Reset a Canon IX6870 Printer that has Error 5b00,5b01,5b02, 1700 that you can try to practice.

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