Guide How to Reset a Canon IP2770 Printer

canon IP2770 Printer overflow counter (Reset counter) error 7 flashes in a row, you need to download the Reset counter Canon PIXMA ip2770 to handle the blink error phenomenon 7 times, 8 times.

After a long time using a canon ip2770 printer surely one day you will encounter printing problems, the 5B00 error message, and the printer will blink 7 times, today I will guide you on how to easily reset a canon ip2770 printer.

First, please download Software Resetter Canon IP2770

How to Reset Printer Canon IP2770 Error 5B00

Here are the steps for Resetting a Canon IP2770 Printer which has a Blink orange error 7 - 8 times and an Error 5B00 message appears on the desktop screen: 

Prepare 3 sheets of paper in the Printer Backing and Place the Printer into the Save Mode position in the following manner: 

    1. Turn off the Canon IP2770 printer
    2. Press and hold the RESUME button without releasing your hand.
    3. Continue to hold the power button and release the Resume button.
    4. Press the Resume button 5 times then release pressing both buttons simultaneously.
    5. You will see 2 indicator lights no longer blinking, where the printer has entered save mode
    6. In the "Clear Ink Counter" Absorber you select "Main" to the right of the Counter Value (%) 0 you select "Set", complete the setting. D will return to = 0 Click "EEPROM Save" to check the results, and Click EEPROM to let the printer print the test print.

    Once you have completed the steps above, turn off your device and turn it on again to complete the reset process Canon IP2770.

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