How to Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

Windows Explorer is a program from the Windows operating system that functions as a user interface (UI) and file manager.

In short, with this program, you can access files stored on your PC with a user-friendly interface.

Talking about Windows Explorer, sometimes this program can run into problems, you know. One of them is like Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working.

How to Overcome Windows Explorer Not Responding & Has Stopped Working

Before Windows Explorer has the message Has Stopped Working, usually a not responding message will appear first.

the purpose of this message is, Windows Explorer did not respond, then it crashed and stopped working (stopped working).

Here's how to fix it.

# 1. Restart Windows Explorer in Task Manager

when the Windows Explorer program doesn't respond and crashes, the easiest way to solve it is to restart it.


First, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager.

Once open, please check the Process tab.

Search for the Windows Explorer program.

right-click the program.

Finally, select Restart.


After restarting, you can try opening Windows Explorer again.

# 2. Clean up History Explorer

Some Windows programs have a cache feature. One of the programs is Windows Explorer.

a cache that has been stored for a long time and has never been cleared will usually accumulate. This is what makes Windows Explorer unable to work properly.

Here's the solution:

Please click the Start button.

Type Control Panel in the Windows search field.

Select the Control Panel.

once open, you can select the Small Icons option in the View by column.

Select File Explorer Options.

The File Explorer Options dialog box opens.

Click the Clear button in the Clear File Explorer History column.


You can check the results by opening Windows Explorer again.

# 3. set Icon Settings

Sometimes the Windows Explorer Not Responding problem only appears when you access a certain directory.

This problem is usually caused by a corrupted thumbnail file. So that it causes interference when the explorer loads the file.

the solution, you can try changing the thumbnail settings to icons.


First, open the Control Panel.

Then select File Explorer Options.

After that click the View tab.

Then check the Always Show Icons, Never Thumbnail option.

Finally, click the Apply button and click OK.


once configured, you can try to re-open the directory that previously had an error when it was opened.

# 4. Turn off Experience Improvement

The Customer Experience Improvement feature is used to retrieve Windows user data to Microsoft servers for the purpose of seeking feedback.

This feedback is used to improve the quality of the Windows system itself. But on the other hand, enabling this feature can also cause problems in Windows Explorer.

For that, you should try turning it off first. Here are the steps:

please press Windows key + R to open Windows Run.

Type gpedit.msc.

Then access the following folders.

Local Computer Policy> Administrative Templates> System> Internet Communication Management> Internet Communication Settings.

look for the Turn off Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program option.

Right-click on the feature.

Select Edit.

A dialog box will appear from the program.

Click Disable.

Click Apply and click OK.


You can now close the Local Group Policy Editor dialog box and check the results.

# 5. Disable Folder Discovery Feature

The Discovery Folder feature generally has a function to optimize the files displayed in Windows Explorer.

however, this feature can also save cache, which ultimately makes Windows Explorer slow and even causes the stopped working problem to appear.

The solution is you can turn off this feature.


Open Windows Explorer.

Right-click on the problematic directory.

Then select the Properties menu.

later the Properties dialog box will appear for the selected drive.

Click the Customize tab.

Then select General Items.

Finally, click Apply and select OK.


If so, now you can try the drive that previously had an error when you opened it.

# 6. Add Virtual Memory

in short Virtual Memory is useful for adding PC memory to store temporary files.

Adding virtual memory can sometimes help to solve problems related to Windows Explorer.


First, open Windows Explorer.

Then right-click on This PC.

then select menu Properties> Advanced System Settings.

Advanced System Settings.

Select the Settings menu.

Set Virtual Memory there

# 7. Fix With Cmd

If you still can't, try checking the condition of the program through the scan feature in CMD (Command Prompt).

This feature is not only for checking Windows Explorer for damage, but also for repairing it.

Here are the steps:

Please press the Windows key.

Type CMD and right-click the program.

Then select Run As Administrator.

if CMD is already open, type the command sfc / scan now.

Press Enter.

After that, you can wait for the results.


# 8. Perform a System Restore

System Restore is a built-in Windows feature that allows you to restore system data to a certain time.

You can use this feature to return Windows Explorer to an error time.


First, click Start.

Type Recovery in the Windows search field.

Open the program

The Recovery dialog box will appear.

Here click on Open System Restore.

select the data backup or system restore point.


# 9. Perform a Windows Update

Through Windows Update, you can solve any problems with your system. Includes Explorer too. So you could say it's quite important.

Here's how:

Click the Windows search field.

type Windows Update Settings in the search field.

After that select the program.

If so, click the Download button to update.

# 10. Reinstall

If you have tried all the methods but they don't work, the final solution is to reinstall.

the reason is, in some cases, the problem is caused by corrupted program files.

But this damage can no longer be detected and repaired by the operating system.

The final word

that's the discussion to solve the problem of Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working or Windows Explorer Not Responding.

This problem must be resolved quickly. So that the use of a PC or laptop can be normal again.

May be useful.

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