How to Reset Plus Resetter Epson L455 Software for Free

So far there are two ways that can be done to reset the Epson L455 printer. The first manual reset (no application) and the second one is automatic reset using free software called Adjprog (customization program) which you can download for free.

The reason why the Epson L455 needs to be reset is that the printer does not want to print what is indicated by the indicator light flashing alternately / simultaneously repeatedly and the appearance of a notification on the computer screen, such as "waste ink full", "Service required" or "The ink pad is at the end of its service ".Some of the main causes are usually caused by overflowing of ink, the cartridge is not tight or dirty, the ink in the cartridge runs out, the paper clock (paper remaining on the roller), the print has reached the maximum limit (more than the print), it's time to reset, etc.

Besides, on the computer screen, various error messages will also appear, for example 'service required', 'The ink pad is at the end of its service', 'it's almost time to reset the ink level', 'Time to reset the ink level', ' waste ink full ',' the inside of your printer is at the end of their life or some other error message.

How to reset Epson L455

As mentioned above, resetting the Epson L455 printer can be done using two methods, namely manual and automatic. but before doing so you should do a preliminary check of some of the components which may be the main cause of the error.

  • Check the cause of the Epson L455 error
  • Cartridges - Make sure the printer cartridges are firmly installed and the ink is not overflowing. if dirty please wipe it clean using a tissue.
  • Ink cartridge - make sure it is still filled with ink, if it runs out, please refill it. Also, check the ink hoses and make sure they are not jammed or pinched.
  • roller - Check the printer rollers and make sure that there are no foreign objects blocking them or any paper / torn paper remaining inside.
  • USB cable - Make sure there is no problem with the USB cable connecting the computer to the printer.

After doing the initial check, but the Epson L455 printer still can't print, it's time to do a total reset. Its purpose is to restore all configurations to their original positions and clean up any residual data stored in the printer chipset.

Reset Epson L455 Manual

One of the easiest methods to do to reset Epson L455 is to manually use it without the need for any software. Here are the steps.

  • Unplug the power cord for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Plug the power cord back in and turn on the printer.
  • After that, press & holds the resume button for 5 seconds, then release.
  • Press & hold the resume button for 3 seconds, then release.
  • Shortly after that, the printer will reset automatically. Wait for it to finish.
  • If successful, the indicator light will stop blinking.
  • To make sure the printer is normal, please print some documents.
  • Done

When manual reset Epson L455 still doesn't work, try resetting it automatically using the adjustment/ad prog settings resetter application. Free Download Resetter Epson L455

Ways to Use Epson L 455 Adjprog Resetter

First, please extract the Epson l455 zip/rar resetter file that you downloaded using the WinRAR / 7-ZIP application.

  1. If so, run the application by double-clicking on the Adjprog.exe file.
  2. On the Resetter application, please click [Specific Adjustment Mode]
  3. In the next window, click [waste ink counter pad] then [OK].
  4. In the next step, check the section [Main Pad Counter] then click the Check button.
  5. wait a moment until the process of checking drama on the counter is finished.
  6. If so, check again on [main pad counter] then click the initialize button.
  7. Again, wait a few moments until the reset process is complete.

after the reset process has been performed, a small dialog box will appear on the computer screen displaying the message "Please turn your printer off and on". Well, at this stage, turn off then turn your Epson L405 printer back on.

When the reset is done, the ink or paper indicator light will stop blinking and light up normally as usual. Done.

Solution Failed to Reset Epson L455

When resetting fails, here are some solutions that can help solve the Epson L455 printer error problem.

  • remove the two cartridges and then clean them.
  • Clean the foam where the cartridges stop drying. It is recommended to use a tissue.
  • Vacuum the remaining ink in the drain tube (if you can open it).
  • Make sure the rollers are not blocked by foreign matter or paper waste.
  • Unplug the power cord for about 3 minutes before resetting.
  • Make sure the ink tubes are not blocking the path of the cartridges.
  • Make sure the installation color and black cartridges are not exchanged.
  • if the error persists after trying the solutions above, it is time for your printer to be taken to the nearest service center in your city.

Well, that's a tutorial on how to reset Epson L455 manually and automatically on this occasion. I hope the above guide can solve the problem/error with your printer. Thank you for visiting our site, Greetings!

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