How to Reset Plus Resetter Epson L405 Software for Free

On this occasion, I will discuss in full and in detail how to reset the Epson L405 printer (without the software) and automatically reset the latest customization program (Adjprog.exe), plus the download link for free.

The Epson L405 printer itself is an all-in-one or multifunction (inkjet) ink type printer which apart from being able to print documents, can also be used as a scanner or photocopy machine. Currently, the Epson L405 printer is sold at a cheap and affordable price, which is around Rp.2.7 to Rp.3.3 million.

like Espon printers in general, sometimes the Epson L405 also often experiences various problems/errors that cause the printer not to print, scan until it cannot function as a photo machine. in this case, it is usually indicated by the ink/paper indicator lights that flash simultaneously or alternately without stopping.

Besides, on the computer screen, various error messages will also appear, for example 'service required', 'The ink pad is at the end of its service', 'it's almost time to reset the ink level', 'Time to reset the ink level', ' waste ink full ',' the inside of your printer is at the end of their life or some other error message. Well, when one of the error messages appears or the ink or paper indicator lights always flash alternately / simultaneously, then I suggest you don't panic. Because this can be a minor problem that you can handle on your own without having to take it to a service driver.

there are at least three ways you can do to overcome it. first, check some component or printer components that can be the main cause of the error, both do a manual reset without using software, and the third is an automatic reset using customization program or reset application ajprog.exe.

Check the cause of the Epson L405 error

One part that can cause problems with the Epson L405 printer is the parts of the printer components themselves. Such as cartridges, rollers, ink tubes, and hoses, ink pads or drain ink tubes, and so on.

  • cartridge - Make sure the Codisi Cartridge is still functioning properly / not damaged and has been installed and installed properly. Also clean if there is ink that combines using a tissue. Vacuum the remaining ink in it clean.
  • ink pad - the ink pad or drain of the remaining (vacuum) ink tube is also one of the most frequent parts, especially when it is full. For that, please check this section and then scrape all the remaining exhaust ink for cleaning.
  • rollers - rollers are paper outlets that, if dirty or obstructed by foreign objects, such as paper, paper ties, etc., the printer does not want to print. For that, make sure this part is clean of dirt.
  • Ink cartridges and hoses - Check the printer ink cartridges. make sure this section still has ink, either color or black. If it runs out, please refill again. Also, check the part of the hose that connects the tube to the cartridge. Make sure it's not folded or jammed.

After you check the sections above and it turns out that the Epson L405 printer is still flashing / wrong, it is advisable to completely reset it. Whether it's manually or automatically using the Adjustment Program (Adjprog) application.

How to manually reset Epson L405 without application

One of the easiest and quickest ways to reset the Epson L405 is to manually reset it. This method is one of the best ways to reset it because apart from not requiring an application, it's also very easy and fast to implement.

  • well for a complete tutorial on how to manually reset the Epson L405 without this application, you can see the following steps.
  • First, please send the power cord for about 3-5 minutes or until the power stored in the printer has run out.
  • after that, plug / reconnect the power cord, then turn it on again.
  • After the printer turns on completely, press then holds down the resume button for 5 seconds. After that release.
  • Press and hold the resume button for 3 seconds. After that release.
  • if so, the printer will automatically reset. Please wait for the process to complete.
  • When the manual reset process is successful, the indicator light (resume or ink/paper) will stop flashing and return to normal (green without blinking).
  • To be sure, please print the document. Done.

How to reset Epson L405 automatically using a resetter

If the manual reset above still can't solve the problem on your Epson L405 printer, you will have to automatically reset it using a special tool called Resetter Adjustment Program. well, for free download links and tutorials on how to use them, you can check out the following. Download Resetter Epson L405 for Free

Important note: Before downloading the Epson L405 resetter file, please turn off your computer antivirus first (don't worry, because this file is not a virus).

How to Use Epson L405 Adjprog Resetter

  1. First, please extract the Epson l405 zip / WinRar resetter file that you downloaded using the WinRAR / 7-ZIP application.
  2. If so, run the application by double-clicking on the Adjprog.exe file.
  3. In the Resetter application, please click [Specific Adjustment Mode]
  4. in the next window, click [Waste Pad Counter] then [OK]
  5. The next step, check the section [Main Pad Counter] then click the Check button
  6. Wait a moment until the process of checking plays on the counter is complete.
  7. if so, check again on [main pad counter] then click initialize button.
  8. Again, wait a few moments until the reset process is complete.
  9. after the reset process has been performed, a small dialog box will appear on the computer screen displaying the message "Please turn your printer off and on". Well, at this stage, turn off then turn your Epson L405 printer back on.
  10. When the reset is done, the ink or paper indicator light will stop blinking and light up normally as usual. Done.

If you have tried the three methods above, but are still unsuccessful, it may be time for your Epson L405 printer to be picked up by a service center or printer service driver in your city for further treatment.

well, that's a complete tutorial on how to reset manually / automatically using the Epson L405 program adjustment resetter on this occasion. Good luck and hopefully this guide can solve the problem your Epson L405 printer is currently experiencing. Thank you for visiting, Greetings!

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