How to Reset Plus Resetter Epson L1300 Software for Free

There are several main reasons why the Epson L1300 ink tank printer is experiencing errors or does not want to print any document which is marked with alternating/concurrent blinking (ink and paper light blinking) on the ink/paper/resume indicator light continuously. among them for cartridge problems, dirty rollers, full ink counters, and so on.

In addition to flashing warnings on the printer indicator lights, on the computer screen, various error messages will also appear. such as "it's almost time to reset ink level", "error service required", "now time to reset ink level", "ink pad is at the end of its service", "waste ink full",  "parts inside your printer is at the end of their life "and so on. for example like the following pictures

Well, when your Epson L1300 printer has a problem, then I suggest you don't panic especially immediately take it to the service driver. Because this can be a minor problem which you can handle easily and quickly.

To deal with this, there are at least three solutions that you can do. first check some of the printer components which are often the main factors causing errors, both by performing a manual reset without an application and thirdly by doing a total / automatic reset using a free tool/application called Resetter Adjustment Program or Adjprog.exe.

Check the cause of the Epson L1300 error There are various types of causes why the ink/paper indicator lights on the Epson L1300 flash printer are alternating or together and it is followed by the printer not wanting to print any documents, including the Epson L1300 printer hardware itself. such as a cartridge that has been damaged or needs cleaning, paper jam, jam roll, ink cartridge problem, an ink pad or dump cartridge full, and so on.

Cartridges - Check the printer cartridges, make sure the codes are still functioning properly / not damaged. also clean if there is ink that combines using a tissue. Apart from cleaning the remaining ink that remains in it by sucking it. If you have head cleaning fluid, please spray gently on the cartridge nozzle. After that, please change again.

Vacuum - Vacum or remaining Ink tube can also cause printer problems. For that, please check this section and make sure all the ink is left clean. For a tutorial on How to clean the drain ink cartridge, you can view it on YouTube.

Paper rollers of paper are sometimes also part of the reason the printer won't print. So make sure this section is clean or not blocked by foreign objects, such as paper, torn paper, and so on.

Ink cartridges - another part you should look out for is the printer ink cartridges. make sure the printer ink cartridges still contain ink, color, and black. If it runs out, please refill again. Also, check the hoses, do not be folded or jammed.

well, after you check the parts above and it turns out that the Epson L1300 printer is still flashing / wrong, please try another method, which is a total reset. Whether it's manually or automatically using the Adjustment Program (Adjprog) application.

how to manually reset Epson L1300 without application

One of the easiest and fastest ways to reset the Epson L1300 printer is to manually reset it. because apart from not requiring any special software or tools, it's also very easy and fast to implement. Now for a complete guide, please refer to the steps below.
  1. First, please unplug the power cord for about 3-5 minutes until the power stored in the printer does not exist.
  2. Next, plug in the Epson L1300 printer power cable then turns it back on as usual by pressing the power button.
  3. When the printer has perfect light, please press then hold the resume button for about 5 seconds, then release.
  4. Press and hold the resume button for 3 seconds, then release.
  5. If so, the printer will automatically reset. Please wait for the process to complete which usually takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  6. When the manual reset process is successful, the indicator light (resume or ink/paper) will stop blinking.
  7. Next, feel free to print a document or two to ensure success.

how to reset Epson L1300 automatically using a resetter

When the above manual reset still can't solve the error on your Epson L1300 printer, you will have to try the last resort, which is auto reset using the Resetter Adjustment Program tool. for free download links and tutorials on how to use them, you can check out the following. Download Gratis Resetter Adjustment Program Epson L1300

Important note: Before downloading the Epson L1300 resetter file, please turn off your computer antivirus first (don't worry, because this file is not a virus). How to Use Epson L1300 Adjprog Controller

  1. First, extract the Epson L1300 Resetter Zip / Rar file above using the WinRAR / 7-ZIP application.
  2. When you run the Resetter application by double-clicking on the Adjprog_L1300.exe file.
  3. In the Resetter application start window, please click [Specific Customization Mode].
  4. On the next screen, select [waste ink counter] then click [OK].
  5. Next, please check [Main Pad Counter] then proceed by clicking the Check button. Wait a moment until the inspection process is complete.
  6. if so, please check [main pad counter] then proceed by clicking the initialize button. Wait a moment until the Epson L1300 reset process is complete.

after the reset process is complete, a small dialog will appear on the computer screen displaying the message "Please turn your printer off and on". Well, at this stage, turn off then turn on your printer again. When the total reset process is performed, the ink/paper indicator light will stop blinking and light up normally as usual. Done.

Solution Failed to Reset Epson L1300

after you do the 3 ways above, but the Epson L1300 printer still has errors, I suggest you should try to apply the following tips.
  1. Clean / Suck the ink back on the printer cardboard.
  2. Make sure when reinstalling a cartridge, the position is not exchanged for another color.
  3. make sure any remaining ink that is contained in the drain tube is completely clean.
  4. Unplug the power cord for approximately 3 minutes before resetting.
  5. Make sure the printer rollers are completely clean of any foreign objects blocking the back of the paper.
if it still fails, it may be time for your Epson L1300 printer to be repaired at your local printer service or service center or you can also replace it with a new one.

Well, that's a complete guide on how to reset manual/automatic and download the Epson L1300 printer resetter adjustment tool-free on this occasion. hopefully what we present this time can solve the error/ink problem or the blinking paper indicator light is being experienced by your printer. Thank you for visiting, Greetings!
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