How to Reset Plus Free Epson L805 Resetter

This makes sense if the Epson L805 printer often has problems/errors (does not want to print the document) which is indicated by the indicator light flashes on the ink/paper button alternately / together and a warning appears "it's almost time to reset ink levels" or" it is time to reset the ink levels "on the computer screen.

Conditions like this, are usually caused by a full waste ink pillow counter and need to be remedied by completely resetting or returning the original peposhos to zero percent (0%). To reset the Epson L805 printer itself, it can be done in two ways. first through manual reset and both automatic reset using the Epson Adjprog resetter tool. Adjprog controller settings or what is commonly known as the customization program itself is a free program/software/application that functions to reset the total waste ink counter (zero percent) easily, quickly, and practically. so with this reset tool, you don't have to bring the Epson L805 printer to a service center thus saving more of your time, cost, and energy.

Adjprog controller settings Besides being able to solve the problem "It's almost time to reset the ink level", "now is the time to reset the ink level" that appears on the computer screen (laptop / pc) can also solve other warnings. such as "required service", "full ink waste", "Ink pads are at the end of their service,", "The parts inside your printer are at the end of their life" and so on.

well, according to the title of the current post, apart from providing a complete guide for how to reset Epson L805 manually and automatically, it will also provide a free download link to get a resetter customization program.

How to manual reset Epson L805

if you don't / don't have Resetter Adjustment Program for the Epson L805 printer, you can reset the waste ink pad counter (without any application). Good to do, please refer to the steps below.

  1. remove or unplug the power cord for about 3 to 5 minutes, or about the power stored in the printer has run out.
  2. Next, plug / reconnect the power cord to a power source then turn on the printer, then wait for the printer to turn on completely.
  3. when it has been turned on, the next step is to press and hold the resume button for about 5 seconds, then release it.
  4. Next, press and hold the resume button again for 3 seconds, then release.
  5. if so, the printer will automatically perform a reset process which usually takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  6. When the manual reset process is performed, the resume or ink/paper will stop flashing.
  7. Well, at this stage the printer has been successfully reset and can be used. done.

How to automatically reset Epson L805

When the reset is done manually, but it still doesn't solve the error that occurred on your Epson L805 printer, it must be done, please reset it automatically using the Epson program adjustment resetter. for download links and tutorials, you can see the following Free Download Resetter Epson L805.

Before downloading the Epson L805 resetter file above, please turn off your computer's antivirus first (don't worry, because this file is not a virus).

How to Use Epson L805 Resetter

  • First, please run the Epson L805 adjprog.exe organizer application. In the initial window, select [Specific adjustment modes].
  • On the next page, select [waste ink pad counter] then continue by clicking [OK].
  • in the next window, please check the [master pillow counter] and [Paden plate counter] then proceed by clicking the Tick button. Wait a moment until the inspection process is complete.
  • When finished, check [main pad counter] and [plate counter]. After that, click the Initialize button to start the Epson L805 reset process. Wait a moment until the process is complete.
  • When finished, a small dialog will appear on the computer screen displaying the message "Please turn off and on your printer". well, at this stage, turn off and then turn on your printer again.
  • When the reset process is successful, the power/resume light will be turned on normally or no longer blinking. To be sure, please print any documents. Done.

Solution Failed to Reset Epson L805

if the ink/paper indicator light on the Epson L805 printer is still blinking or still doesn't want to print, you should check some parts of the printer components which could be the main culprit.

  1. Cartridge - remove the cartridge and then vacuum any remaining ink, then clean it. if you have head cleaning liquid, then please spray on the cartridge nozzle slowly.
  2. Ink Drain Tube (Vacum) - Suck any remaining exhaust ink contained in the dump tube until it is clean (for this section, please find tutorials on YouTube).
  3. roller - Open the cover/cover of the printer then check the rollers (put them over the paper). Make sure it is not foreign object, such as paper tears and so on.
  4. Ink cartridge - make sure the cartridge has ink in it. If it runs out, please refill again. also make sure the ink tube is not folded or jammed.
  5. Before resetting - before resetting, either manually or automatically, first remove the power cord for 3-5 minutes or until the stored power in the printer has run out.

well, when you have done the 5 tips above but the printer is still a little error, maybe you can directly check the Epson L805 printer to the nearest service center in your place for further handling.

that's a complete tutorial on how to reset the Epson L805 printer plus a download link for free application from Resetter / Adjprog.exe Adjustment Program on this occasion. Hopefully, this post is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting, Greetings!

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