How to ByPass VIVO Y12i Pattern with UFI Android Toolbox

Forgetting patterns or PINs for Android users often happens, this time I get a patient with a Vivo Y12i user who forgets the pattern or PIN where a notification appears on the Vivo Y12i Android screen. .in the process of doing it for Vivo Y12i this one is not as easy as I imagined, usually it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the Vivo Y12i Pattern or PIN bypass process.

To solve the problem of forgetting patterns on Vivo Android, especially Vivo Y12i, I usually rely on the MRT Key application. In the execution process using the MRT Key always fails, where a Fail Connect TimeOut notification appears, Try re-into 9008 again. I have tried changing the version of the MRT key, changing the USB Data cable and moving the PC the results are the same, here I am getting dizzy and a little annoyed, not to mention the owner is waiting in front.

Because using the MRT Key doesn't work, aka it always fails, I tried another alternative software, namely RBSoft Mobile Tool which is my mainstay application to bulldoze Android Patterns, PINs, and FRP using Qualcomm's Chipshet. The bypass process went smoothly and smoothly, but when I tried the Vivo Y12i to turn it on, it turned out that the Pattern or PIN was still locked, it felt like it was in an application prank.

Then I tried another mainstay application, namely UFI Android ToolBox, where it works almost the same as RBSoft Mobile which requires emmc-firehose file in the bypass process. Alhamdulillah, using UFI Android ToolBox & nbsp; The stubborn Vivo Y12i pattern or PIN cannot be bypassed with the MRT Key and the RBSoft Mobile Tool has been successfully resolved.

Guide on How to ByPass Pattern or PIN and FRP Google Account Vivo Y12i using UFI Box

Before practicing this tutorial, please first downlaod file emmc-firehose Vivo Y12i. After you download it, extract the Vivo Y12i emmc-firehorse file to your desktop so it's easy to reac.

1. Run the UFI Android ToolBox
2. Select Qualcomm and Vivo Brand Menu Options
3. Load the emmc-Firehose file and click Identify Device
5. Check userdata and click Erase
6. Done

To troubleshoot Vivo Y12ilocked FRP Google Account, do settings as shown below screenshot, click Special Task and select Erase FRP option

After the Bypass Pattern or Google Account PIN and FRP Process using the UFI Android Toolbox, turn on the VIVO Y12i, a data clearing notification will appear, do not operate the device.

Do the setup settings for using the new device after doing the factory reset

Finished, VIVO Y12i can be used again properly, the problem is locked Pattern or PIN and FRP Google Account Done.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome a Vivo Android locked due to Forgot Pattern or Google Account PIN and FRP which you can try to practice. Thank you for visiting
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