Alternative Ways to Avoid and Overcome Insomnia Problems

Insomnia is an insomnia disorder characterized by symptoms of restlessness and frequent waking when sleeping at night, it is difficult to sleep even though you have not done any activity even though the body feels very tired and also sleepy.

Insomnia is a problem that should be avoided by anyone, because by sleeping late at night or sleeping for a short time due to insomnia, our bodies will still feel tired and tired when we wake up in the morning. whereas the function of sleep itself is to rest the body so that it is fit again when waking up.

Often sleep late at night and / or sleep for a short time due to Insomnia can also reduce health and endurance even if prolonged it can cause falling ill. Where the body lacks rest while during the day, many daily activities are tiring.

In general, the time to rest or sleep alone to keep the body healthy is at least 2-3 hours with quality sleep. Quality sleep is meant here is a sleep condition that is really relaxed and sound as well as on time. sleeping for long periods of time does not guarantee that sleep is quality sleep..

In Islam there is known midnight prayer (tahajud) and also early dawn prayers and the suggestion to sleep after dawn prayers. This shows that the time needed to sleep actually does not need to be too long which many think and say that the time needed for sleep rest is ideally between 7 - 8 hours.

Based on the cause and time of occurrence of insomnia is classified into several types as follows.:

  • Primary insomnia is a difficulty sleeping disorder that is not influenced by the level of health of the body. Insomnia is not dangerous and everyone must have experienced it.
  • ISecondary nsomnia is insomnia that occurs due to health problems, for example in certain sick conditions so that it does not allow sufferers to sleep easily because they endure the pain they suffer.
  • Acute insomnia is Insomnia that occurs in a short period of time and at certain times due to anxiety and / or thinking about something that is being or will be going through such as not being able to sleep because of thinking about a close person who is being treated in the hospital.
  • Chronic insomnia is insomnia that occurs for a long time or lasts for several days, weeks, even months as a result of trauma or psychological instability.

Factors The causes of insomnia problems that are generally experienced by people with Isomnia are anxiety, anxiety, stress, environmental conditions that do not allow to sleep comfortably such as when a war conflict occurs.

To overcome the problem of Isomnia in general, there are 2 ways, the first is by taking sleeping pills or sedatives that are chemical in nature and the second is through natural methods such as taking certain herbal medicinal herbs or doing certain techniques to treat Isomnia disorders.

Here are some tips that you can try to avoid or minimize the occurrence of isomia taken from several online health information sources:

Create a Healthy Lifestyle and Style

Healthy lifestyle and style can affect one's health.with a proper lifestyle, not pushing yourself and adjusting to your abilities will make life easier, relax and enjoy because you don't need to think extra hard every day which can make you tired with a lifestyle beyond your ability. Healthy lifestyle can also affect people's health, especially maintaining a healthy diet and exercising diligently. A healthy body tends to feel more comfortable and refreshed so that sleep becomes easy and comfortable.

Create a Sleep Habit on Time

Regular sleep patterns and adjusting the right time to sleep can make it easier for a person to carry out the routine of daily life. Indirectly, the body will seem to have a schedule and adjust accordingly. where at the hours you usually sleep, that's when you will feel very sleepy and easy to fall asleep and vice versa during the hours you do work activities you can work optimally and are not covered by drowsiness problems at work.

Create a safe and comfortable bedroom atmosphere

A safe and comfortable room atmosphere can help someone to easily rest and sleep so as to avoid the problem of Isomnia. The rooms are clean and comfortable and safe from the disturbance of other people who might disturb you when you are falling asleep. make sure nothing is going to interfere with your sleep time, often experiencing sleep disturbances, sometimes it makes headaches and it is also difficult to sleep.

Avoid naps or afternoons for those of you who are insomnia

Avoiding sleep breaks during the day or in the afternoon for those of you who often experience insomnia problems is important and needs to be done. generally people who sleep during the day or in the evening at night will be stronger and withstand drowsiness so it is difficult to sleep at the beginning of the night's rest, most of them are free from staying up late because they can't sleep, they end up doing activities that are not so important, which in the end they sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning, still feeling sleepy and the body feels tired.

Avoid foods and drinks that trigger insomnia

Avoiding consuming foods that can cause insomnia for people with insomnia is important. Because not everyone feels immune to certain foods such as drinking coffee and foods that contain caffeine. many people say and find it difficult to sleep when drinking coffee at the time close to bedtime rest at night.

Regular exercise in the morning and evening

By regularly exercising, the body will be healthy and it is believed to be able to minimize the occurrence of Isomnia. Where many people say in a healthy body there is a healthy soul. Healthy soul here means a strong soul to face the problems that cause stress which is a trigger factor for the occurrence of Isomnia.

Ending dinner

In general, when a person is full, it is easy to feel sleepy.such as during the Holy Month of Ramadan where when breaking the fast after a day of holding back thirst and hunger, the spirit to eat is very passionate, various foods and drinks that feel like everything is eaten as a result the stomach will feel very full.

In this full stomach condition, many people suddenly feel sleepy and waiting for the obligatory prayer time, especially the sunnah prayer is very heavy. From this it can be concluded that in order to make it easier to sleep at the end of dinner, eat close to bedtime 15 minutes or 30 minutes before bed so that you feel sleepy faster and sleep on time.

Focusing on Sleep and Avoiding Less Important Activities

When it has entered rest time or bedtime where it is getting late at night. Stop doing activities that are not important such as online on social media or ending work that can be postponed and done tomorrow and focus on resting. in this way you will easily fall asleep and avoid Isomnia.keep your Android cellphone by placing it outside the room or turning off the cellphone, turn off the room lights and if you are not used to sleeping in a dark room use a dim light or close the lamp so it is not too bright.

Ablution and Praying Before Sleeping

Performing Wudu and Praying before bed is a sleeping procedure that is specially taught for Muslims. before going to bed it would be nice to read short letters and recite special sleep prayers as taught by the Prophet Muhammad in order to avoid disturbances of Jin and Shayton which could be the cause of insomnia. of the many tips on how to deal with Insomnia that sound the easiest but are very difficult and hard to put into practice is this one point.

Thus Tips on How to Avoid and Overcome Insomnia Problems or better known as Insomnia Disorders in Children, Adolescents, and the Elderly. please practice and hopefully you avoid Insomnia, remember sleep doesn't need long, the most important thing and what you need is quality sleep.
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