How to Avoid and Overcome Flatulence in Infants

Flatulence is a condition in which the volume of gas or air is high enough in the digestive tract, especially the stomach. Flatulence can cause discomfort and even pain and anxiety.

In general, flatulence problems can heal on their own as long as the flatulence is not caused by a disease such as Mag or a cold. Examples of flatulence problems that can heal on their own are drinking too much water or crying too long, which generally occurs in children and toddlers.

Factors that cause flatulence problems

Flatulence problems, especially in children and babies can be caused by several factors or causes as follows:

1. Drink Too Much Water

There are some people who are not economically able to replace breast milk with water instead of milk specifically for children and toddlers. things like this happen a lot in rural communities who live in remote areas where Baby Pacifiers are filled with tea water or plain water, given a little sugar, parents because of their economic disability, the most important thing is that children are not fussy or cry.

2. Crying too long

Crying too long, especially uncontrolled uncontrollable crying like many things happen to children when what they want is not being obeyed and then crying as loudly as possible can cause flatulence. then when we cry, it will swallow more air from the mouth.

3. colds

In general, children or toddlers and even adults when they catch a cold, many experience the stomach becomes bloated by itself. Difficult to pass wind and can only pass wind after a cold subsides with the traditional way, namely scrapings.

4. Ulcer

Flatulence problems will more often occur in people with ulcer disease, usually this happens because of eating foods that are taboo for people with ulcers such as eating jackfruit and drinking coffee.

5. Eating foods that trigger flatulence

Eating foods that can trigger excessive stomach ulcers even though you don't have a history of ulcers such as eating too much jackfruit in the morning on an empty stomach not filled with other foods, especially rice, is very risky of experiencing flatulence problems and even catching a cold.

6. Drink a drink that triggers flatulence

Besides eating, drinking drinks that can trigger excessive stomach ulcers, & nbsp; can also cause flatulence problems. even though he does not have a history of internal disease related to the stomach and intestines, such as drinking too much coffee or soft drinks on an empty stomach, not filled with food, especially rice, is very at risk of experiencing flatulence problems and even catching a cold.

Tips on how to avoid flatulence problems

1. Do not delay defecation

Delaying bowel movements can lead to flatulence problems. Usually when the heartburn starts to feel and gets stronger then you hold it from doing it. So what happens is that the feeling of wanting to defecate sometimes disappears and the stomach feels bloated. not only that, usually new problems will arise, namely constipation for several days, making you uncomfortable and feeling tortured, which in the end have to take constipation drugs such as VEGETA Herbal.

2. Avoid drinking lots of water when eating

There is one strange habit and this often occurs in children where when eating can not get away from drinking water. every meal one bite or two mouthfuls is always accompanied by drinking, as a result drinking more than eating food which in turn makes the stomach bloated because of too much drinking water. get used to drinking before and after eating, unless you wish and have to drink to avoid these bad habits.

3. Avoid eating while talking

Eating sabil talking or chatting is not a good thing, even in religious terms it is actually prohibited. In addition to the risk of tasting food, eating while talking can also increase the risk of flatulence, where when talking and eating combined, a lot of air is swallowed.

4. Avoid foods that trigger flatulence problems

Some foods if eaten excessively, not in the right conditions, or foods that are taboo for food especially for people with Mag disease can cause flatulence such as cassava leaves and jackfruit.

5. Avoid Drinks that Triggers Bloating Stomach Problems

In addition to food, there are also drinks that can cause flatulence if drunk excessively, too often, not in the right conditions or drinks which are taboo for people with stomach and intestinal diseases such as coffee and soft drinks.

6. Avoid overeating

Eating is a necessity of life but should not and should eat food until it is too full and too full. overeating until they are too full can endanger health, where people who are very full will tend to breathe, flatulence and pain. the effect of eating too much fullness will make the stomach become large and very difficult to return to its original state.

How to Solve Natural Herbal Bloating Stomach Problems

The problem of flatulence can be overcome by consuming drugs intended for people with flatulence, be it generic drugs or natural herbal medicines that can be obtained from natural ingredients that are around them:

1. Taking medication

Flatulence problems can be overcome by taking Mag pain medications such as Promag and Milanta as well as other medications for ulcers and flatulence.

2. CapLang Wind oil

The problem of flatulence can be overcome by applying CapLang wind oil to the stomach area, where the condition of the stomach will become warm and the discomfort due to flatulence will gradually subside until you don't realize when the last time your flatulence doesn't feel anymore.

3. Fresh Care

Flatulence can also be overcome by applying Fresh Care to the stomach area, especially the upper navel area with Fresh Care which can be easily purchased at stalls, pharmacies, or Alfa Mart and Indomart outlets.

4. Scrapings

One of the traditional ways of treating colds and flatulence that is effective and effective since time immemorial is by scraping it. Use Kerosene, Wind Oil, Telon Oil or Balm and coins to scrape the stomach, especially in the area of ​​the navel bag.

5. Lang balm

Flatulence problems, especially due to colds, can be treated by applying Lang Balm or other brands of Balm such as Geliga Balm in the stomach area, if it does not subside, it can go to a further stage, namely scraping with abdominal balm, especially the upper part of the navel.

6. Drinking Ginger Tea Plus

Brewed ginger drink or tea mixed with ginger can also be used as a medicine for flatulence. Where the warm feeling created from drinking ginger can gradually relieve flatulence.

7. Drinking turmeric juice (turmeric)

Flatulence, especially for those who are experiencing diarrhea, can be treated with turmeric juice. The trick is to grate enough turmeric, then squeeze the juice, mix it with warm water, then add a little salt. based on my own experience drinking warm turmeric + salt can be very effective in treating diarrhea and flatulence when compared to other diarrhea medications sold in the stall.

8. Betel leaf

The benefits of Betel Leaf apart from being anti-bacterial and germs can also be used to treat flatulence which is generally practiced by mothers who have babies. the way is to rub the betel leaf gently using both palms until limp, give a little eucalyptus oil, then stick it on the bloated stomach.

9. Leaf castor

Besides Betel leaf which can be used for Abdominal Pain Medicine. Castor leaf is also known as a traditional medicine to treat flatulence, especially in babies. The method is the same as Betel Leaf, namely by rubbing the siri leaves slowly using both palms like people to make paper rolls, then after the distance is limp, give a little eucalyptus oil then place it on the baby's bloated stomach.

That is the description of understanding, the factors that cause, how to avoid and overcome the problem of flatulence that can happen and happen to anyone, be it babies, children, adolescents and even adults. avoid the factors that cause flatulence problems and start learning to get used to eating and drinking well and not excessively and a healthy lifestyle so that you live a healthy life.
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