Guide on how to easily flash and bypass Mi Redmi 4A Rolex account

How to Flash and ByPass Mi Redmi 4A Rolex Account . Handling a locked Xiaomi Android Mobile Mi Account is a job that I usually do. On average, the ByPass process doesn't take long, it's even faster when compared to the re-flash process.

However, sometimes not all bypass processes are as easy as usual even though the Android being handled is the same case, and also the brand and type are the same. some cases experienced problems in handling time and could only be successful after using other methods with trials lasting for hours.

As I just handled the Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A which cannot be bypassed using the TheKiKuK application and bypass using the Jamu Mixcloud file using MiFlash. Condition

Android Redmi 4A is locked Mi Account and also the problematic screen keeps flashing off and on. Initially I thought it was due to a hardware problem because the code had just replaced the LCD but it was caused / influenced by frimeware incompatibility factors. accidentally this problem was solved when I repeatedly flashed the Frimeware change to solve the Mi Cloud problem.

Redmi 4A device successfully enters Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode and is read in the Bypass and MiFlash Applications. However, when executed, the ByPass Tool experienced blank and Not Responding or unable to read port. I have tried many times by repeating and changing the location of the USB following the USB cable has always failed.

After I tried the hard reset via the phone's default recovery it turned out that the MIUI position used was MIUI 11. While it should be noted that for Xiaomi Android which has been upgraded using MIUI 11 if the MI account is locked, it cannot be directly on ByPass. You must first downgrade to MIUI 8, MIUI 9, or new MIUI 10, you can ByPass MI Account.

Guide on How to Re-Flash Xiaomi Redmi 4A Rolex (DownGrade)

Here is a tutorial guide on how to re-flash Xiaomi Redmi 4A Rolex Android with Frimeware MIUI 10 using MiFlash Tool:

1. Open the case back cover and engine cover Redmi 4A
2. Connect Redmi 4A with Windows in Qualcomm mode by means of a Test Point

3. Connect the 2 Test Point points as shown in the picture above I gave a red sign using tweezers or other tools that can conduct electricity, then plug in the USB cable that is already connected to the computer.

If the Test Points method is correct and successful, you can see the Device Manger Port Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 as shown in the screenshot above.

4. Run MiFlash Tool, Load frimeware via the Select
menu 5. Click the Refresh button so that the Redmi 4A Device reads MiFlash Tool
6. Select the Clean All
option 7. Click Flash
8. Wait for the flash to complete, usually between 1 - 10 minutes
9.Re-flash Redmi 4A is successful, a Success notification appears on the MiFlash Tool

After the Redmi 4A Re-Flash process is successful, unplug the USB cable and the Battery Connector. Then plug in the Battery Connector again but it doesn't need to be turned on. Just go to the Mi Account ByPass process following the steps below:

How to ByPass Mi Xiaomi Redmi 4A Rolex Account

After Redmi 4A, which previously used MIUI 11, was successfully downgraded by flashing it again using Frimeware MIUI 10 the next step is ByPass Mi Account.

1. Connect Redmi 4A with Windows Computer in Qualcomm Mode by way of Test Point as I have taught above.
2. Run MiFlash Tool
3. Enter Jami ByPass MI Redmi 4A account via the Select menu Refresh Menu so that the QualComm Redmi 4A Device is read by MiFlash Tool
5. Select Clean All
Option 6. Click Flash
menu 7. Wait a few seconds / minutes until the Flash process is complete and a Success notification appears

Until here the Mi ByPass process for Redmi 4A account is successful. Unplug the USB Cable and Battery Connector. Then plug the Battery Connector back in and try Turning on the Redmi 4A. It is confirmed that Redmi 4A is no longer locked MI Account with a note that you do not install a SIM card and also do not connect to the Internet network. Because the ByPass process is not patent / permanent.

enable OEM Unlock Option and USB Debugging by first enabling Developer Options by tapping MIUI Version 7 times in a row.

Now it's time to ByPass Mi Redmi 4A Account permanently. In Redmi 4A condition, connect it with Windows computer using a USB cable. Make sure that the USB Debugging option is active and the computer has PdaNet installed to enable ADB mode connection.

run the WODM TOOL application, click the Unlock MI Account menu. Then the Redmi 4A screen will display a notification Allow USB Debugging OK confirmation.

The WODM Tool application will read the Redmi 4A Device and disable MI Account. If the All Done by WODM TOOL notification appears, it means the Mi Account bypass process is complete and successful. Unplug the USB cable and try turning on the Redmi 4A.

Now Redmi 4A is completely free from the problem of locked Mi Account. However, the screen will often appear Waiting For Debugger Force Close, the effect of the ByPass Mi Account. As long as Redmi 4A is not reset or flashed it is guaranteed to be safe. However, if you reset or flash again, Redmi 4A will be locked again and the Mi Account must be bypassed again.

This is the Tutorial Guide for Easy Re-Flashing as well as How to ByPass MI Redmi 4A Account to solve the problem of Android Redmi 4A which is locked on Mi Account aka Mi Cloud. Hopefully the tutorial above is easy to understand and practice.
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