How to Overcome Iphone 5S Bootloop Stuck on the Apple Logo

As long as I opened the Android bypass service that was locked with Pattern, PIN, and FRP Google Account several times I got offers of Job bypass iCloud and Lock Screen for Iphone users but I always refused. because I have no knowledge at all how to repair Andoroid Iphone and I think the work must be very difficult. Over time, because there were frequent offers, I finally decided to try it.

For the first time I tried and learned to bypass an iCloud-locked Android Iphone with the Iphone 5S type with 1GB RAM and 16GB Internal Memory. To be able to bypass my Icloud Iphone 5S it took approximately 2 days. Only with my curiosity, I kept trying even though I failed repeatedly to practice the tutorial from the results of searching Google and Youtube, finally I managed to bypass the Iphone 5S. But unfortunately the results are only limited to Wifi Only, to bypass Call and SMS has not been successful.

I have tried and practiced dozens of tutorials on YouTube to bypass the Call and SMS features, but as I explained above, it still fails and produces no results. Even to the extent that the Iphone 5S I used for practice experienced Bootloop and stuck on the Apple Logo.

Early on, I will share a tutorial on how to solve an Iphone 5S that is Bootloop (turns off / auto restart) or is stuck on the Apple Logo. In my opinion, this method is very easy when compared to how to flash other brands of Android such as Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Samsung.

The first step we have to condition the iPhone 5S in Recovery mode, the way is to first disable the iPhone via the power button. Press the power button for a few seconds, when the Iphone 5S screen dims and turns off, immediately release the power button to respond to the ON command via the power button and not turn on again.

After that press the home button and the Volume Down button simultaneously, then plug in the USB cable connector that was previously connected to the computer.

Download and install the 3uTools application, and just run the 3uTools application when the install process is complete. When the Install Driver confirmation dialog appears OK and wait for the driver install process to complete. During the Istall process and the use of the 3uTool Application, the computer must be connected to an internet network.

After the Iphone 5S device is detected and reads the 3uTools application, select the Flash&JB, the latest Firmware update will be displayed, download the firmware first, then select the Quick Flash Mode option and confirm the Flash process.

Easy Flash Reminder window appears, confirm Flash

The flash process will run automatically, position the iphone 5S in a safe place and just wait for the flash process to finish by itself.

During the Flashing process, the Iphone 5S will restart itself several times

The flash process is complete, marked by the appearance of the Congratulations notification. Clean Flash Complete

Don't unplug the iPhone USB cable, just let the system setting process finish by itself and the iPhone will appear in the Halo display.

Until here the Iphone 5S Flash Process is complete and successful. To start the after-flash device setup settings, press the home button then do the settings following the instructions that appear until it's finished. Next is the How to Discussion How to solve Iphone ICloud locked 5S by bypass.
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