How to Convert Image to PDF with FastStone Photo Resizer

There are many ways to convert JPG extension Image file to PDF Online and Offline.Both methods of converting Image files to PDF are equally easy to apply, especially the Online method because you don't need to bother and bother looking for converter software and install it, but you have to use the online method, of course, you need Network Access and Internet Quota

Likewise, for How to Convert Images to PDF Offline, there are many converter software that you can get and use, please search Google so there will be many converter application offers both free and paid.

In this post, I will share the Image to PDF Converter application following the procedure for how to use it which is quite good and very easy to practice. The name of the application is FastStone Photo Resizer. This application is not only used to change the image size, but can also be used to convert or change the image file extension. For example, from JPG to BMP, GIF, PNG, and other Image extensions

Before practicing this tutorial, please first DownloadFastStone Photo Resizer. After you download, just run the installer, click Next and Next until the install process is complete.

How to Convert (Convert) Images to PDF with FastStone Photo Resizer

Following are the steps to change the image extension to PDF with the FastStone Photo Resizer application easily and the results are quite satisfying :

1. Run the FastStone Photo Resizer application

2. Find the folder where you save the Image file that you want to convert to PDF

3. To see the Preview Image Click the Tumbnail Icon in the upper right corner.

4. Select one or more images then click Add to add images into the target file to be converted to PDF. You can also choose to Add All if you want to change all the images in the selected folder to PDF format.

5. After Add the target image you want to convert to PDF, in the Output Options don't forget to select PDF Format.

6. To change the converted output file, click Browser then select the folder where you want to place the converted file. For example, from my Vidios folder I changed it to Desktop.

7. Click the Settings Menu to determine the Output Quality and Size of the PDF file from the image to be converted. The lower the value you choose, the lower and smaller the PDF file's Quality and Size will be.

8. Click Convert to start and confirm the command to convert Image files to PDF. The result is as shown in the screenshot below :

I chose the Qualiti Option value of 75, the result is an image file with a size of 410 Kb into a PDF file with a size of only 57 Kb with a preview image quality that is still quite good .

How easy is it not to convert images to PDF with FastStone Photo Resizer? Besides being easy, the size of the PDF file can be minimized, but it can still maintain the display quality

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Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Easily and Quickly Convert Images to PDF (Convert JPG to PDF) Offline using FastStone Photo Resizer. Share this tutorial with your relatives or co-workers who need to be of more benefit to others.
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