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  • Guide on Easy Ways to Overcome the Lost Signal 4G Xiaomi Redmi 3

    Missing 4G signal problems on Xiaomi Android, especially typy Redmi 3, Redmi 3 Pro, Redmi 3S or Redmi 3X often occurs. The possible reason is that Android Redmi 3, when it was produced, was not targeted to support using the 4G network, so it needs to be modified so that Redmi 3 can access the 4G network.

    From here I think many cases arise where the 4G signal on Redmi 3 is lost when re-flashing or hard reset to factory settings.

    On this occasion, I will share experiences and tutorials on how to solve the problem of missing 4G signal on Android Xiaomi Redmi 3.This tutorial can also be applied to other Android Redmi 3 series such as Redmi 3 Pro, Redmi 3S or Redmi 3X because basically physically the hardware and software are almost the same.

    How to Overcome Redmi 3 4G Signal Missing Doesn't Appear MIUI 9

    To overcome the missing 4G signal on Redmi 3 you need the 4G Signal Path File, TWRP and MiFlash Tool. So for the handling process, Redmi 3 must be installed TWRP first so you can install the 4G Signal Path file later.

    The TWRP installation process is very easy, no need to Unlock BootLoader, it can be installed directly using the MiFlash Tool. So that the TWRP installation process does not experience problems, use Windows 7 64bit. My previous experience using Windows 10 always failed to flash and an error appeared in the Mi Flash Tool.

    1. Copy and Enter the Redmi 3 4G File Path to Internal memory

    In the Redmi 3 condition, connect it to the computer then activate the file transfer and storage mode. Copy and Paste the Redmi 3 4G Path file to the internal memory as shown in the screenshot below:

    2. Turn off Redmi 3 then Enter Download Mode. The trick is to press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously, when the MI Logo appears, release the Power button press and keep pressing and holding the Volume-Up button, then Redmi 3 will enter Recovery mode.

    3. Select the Download menu. Redmi 3 will automatically turn off and enter Download mode

    4. Connect Redmi 3 with Windows Computer or laptop using a USB Data cable

    5. Open MiFlash Tool then Load the TWRP Non-UBL file via the select menu

    6. Click Refresh so that the Redmi 3 Device reads MiFlash Tool, select the Clean All option then Flash

    7. Flash process is complete. Unplug the USB cable then turn Redmi 3 into Recovery mode by pressing the Power and Volume-Up buttons simultaneously.

    8. Select the Recovery Menu. Then Redmi 3 automatically restarts and enters TWRP

    9. Check Never Show this screen during boot again, then slash to the right

    10. It's time to install Redmi 4G Path 3. Install menu tab

    11. Find and Find the Redmi 4G File Path on Internal Memory

    12. Select Path_4G_Only_Miui8_ido_Rivv.zip

    13. Confirm Install by Slash to the Right

    14. The process of Installing the Redmi 3 4G Path is Complete. Wipe Cache tab

    15. Confirm Wipe Cache & amp; Dalvik with Slash to the Right

    16. Wipe Cache & Dalvil Selesai, Tab Reboot System

    17. Confirm Reboot System with Slash to the Right

    18. Wait for the Wipe Cache & Dalvik and Redmi 3 4G network path around 5 - 10 minutes

    19. Enter the settings menu look for Priority Network Type Option, change it to LTE Priority

    20. Done. Redmi 3 is back to be able to use and access the 4G network

    Thus the Tutorial Guide on Easy Ways to Overcome the Xiaomi Redmi 3 4G Signal that is lost after a flash reset or a hard reset to the factory settings. I hope the tutorial above is easy to understand and practice, if you need the materials above, please contact me via the Contact Us menu, select the WhatsApp or E-mail option. Want to subscribe to the Latest Post Update Notification? Please Join with Us Berbagi Tutorial Online WhatsApp Grup or Blogger SEO Knowledge On Google News
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