How to ByPass MI Cloud Redmi Note 2 with SP Flash Tool

ByPass MI Cloud Redmi Note 2. This tutorial on how to bypass Mi Cloud or also known as Mi Android Account Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is an alternative method or the 2nd way to deal with Redmi Note 2 which is locked on Mi Account. The first method I have discussed in the previous post entitled: Easy way to ByPass Mi Redmi Note 2 Account Guaranteed No Cheats.

Henceforth because Redmi Note 2 uses Mediatek Chipset (MTK) then I will share the 2nd method for How to ByPass Redmi Note 2 which is locked Mi Account using SP Flash Tool.

How to Overcome Redmi Note 2 Locked Mi Account with SP Flash Tool.

Before practicing this tutorial please download the material first Redmi Note 2 Hermes Unlock Mi Account.

1. Run SP Flash Tool.

2. Enter the Scatterm file then remove the Checklist on Preloader

3. Click the Download menu

4. Redmi Note 2 is turned off, connect it to the computer using a USB cable while pressing the Volume-Up and Volume-Down buttons simultaneously.

5. When SP FlashTool detects Device Remi Not 2 and in the lower area a red bar appears, release the pressing of the two buttons.

6. Wait until the Flash Download process is complete, marked by the appearance of the Big Checklist Ico

7. Done, try turning on the Redmi Note 2

When I applied this method I used Windows 10 the result was the bypass process failed, as well as when I applied the first method using MiFlashTool it also failed. it turns out and it turns out that the Mi Account bypass process is more recommended and successful on average using the 64bit version of Windows 7.

The result after I used Windows 7 64bit the ByPass process ran easily without any error problems. But I haven't had the chance to practice this 2nd method using Windows 7 because Android Redmi 2 is quickly taken by the employer.

This is the Tutorial Guide on the Easy Way to ByPass Mi Hermes Redmi Note 2 Account using the SP Flash Tool. Hopefully, this tutorial was useful and worked to solve the Redmi Note 2 locked Mi Account problem that you are currently working on. if it fails, please try the first alternative using the MiFlash Tool which has proven to be effective, unfortunately, the first method is the Down Grade System and will be locked again when an Android Upragede System is carried out.
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