How to ByPass FRP Google Account Samsung J2 Pro SM-J250F

Short story yesterday afternoon I got a Job ByPass Android Samsung J2 Pro in locked condition FRP Google Account. Where the Android was deliberately reset by the owner for forgetting the pattern and did not expect the result of locking Android by FRP Google Account.

In fact if the owner knows how to hard reset / restore to the correct Android factory settings, the problem of locked Android FRP Google Account can be avoided. But maybe it was meant to be a fortune for me.

To pay FRP Google Account Samsung J2 Pro SM-J250F actually there are 2 methods. The first method is finger exercise without the need to use a computer by utilizing the Talk Back feature and the second is using the ODIN application which of course must use a computer or laptop.

First I tried the first method which I think is more efficient because it does not need to download the Combination Factory Reset file and Samsung J2 Pro File Frimware the second file size is around 2.38 GB. however, there are problems with the skip options at the stage of running the YouTube application in the browser and there is only an update option. Because there was no choice I was finally forced to use the second method.

For those of you who are also experiencing the same problem and want to use the second method using ODIN please Download File Combiantion Factory Reset Samsung J2 Pro dan Download Frimware Samsung J2 Pro SM-J250F Tested.

After you download, just extract the two files above on the Desktop to be more easily accessible. Then run the ODIN Application and Load Combination files via the AP Options.

Turn off the Android Samsung J2 Pro then enter the Download mode by pressing the Power Button, Home Button and Volume Down Button simultaneously. then Samsung J2 Pro will enter download mode, starting with a Warning notification, confirmation by pressing volume button Up one time then connect to the computer using a USB cable.

After the Samsung J2 Pro Device is detected and the ODIN Application is read, just click Start to start the Flash process. If the Samsung J2 Pro Android device Com port is not detected there are two possibilities. the first computer has not been installed Samsung Android Driver and the second is the cas connector as well as data problems.

PASS Notification appears! which indicates that the Install Factory Combination file Reset process was successful. Unplug the USB cable then try turning on the Samsung J2 Pronya.

Android Samsung J2 Pro will light up and boot the Combination Factory Resetter file that reads Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro.

Wait for the Binary Factory Boot Loading Process between 1 - 5 minutes

After loading, the display will look like in the photo below. You click the 9 point icon above the top left corner P.

Select the Settings menu (Settings)

Find and find the About Phone menu

Tab 7 Times Build Number to activate Developer Options / Developer Options

Search and Find the Developer Options menu

Activate OEM Unlock

Also enable USB Debungging

Search and Find Menu Backup Reset

Select Factory Data Reset Options

In the Factory Data Reset window, click Reset Phone

Klick Erase Everything

After completing Reset Continue to Flash Reset Samsung J2 Pro using Frimaware 4 fractions that have been downloaded previously.

Wait until the Flash process is complete

Flash process is complete marked with the appearance of PASS notifications!

Do the Setup settings for using a new device after doing the flash again

If in the process of setting up an Android Samsung J2 Pro requests an internet network connection, it can only connect via SIM Card data or via a wifi network

The result is a successful bypass process with the Skip option at the Google Account setup stage

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Easily ByPass Google Android Account Samsung J2 Pro SM-J250F with Odin and File Combination Factory Reset. Good luck and good luck !!!
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