Tutorial How to Resolve Canon G Series Printer Error 5B00

Canon G series printer is the latest version of the printer output from Canon which mimics the style of the Epson L Series printers equipped with Ink Tank Tubes that are integrated with the Body Printer. so users are easier to refill ink and check the level of ink usage without having to modify the IV tube as done on Canon printers so far. Canon G Series printers themselves are currently available in several types including Series G1000, G2000, G3000, and G4000.

One type of error or problem that is often experienced by users of Canon printers, especially the G Series type is the error 5B00. Error 5B00 usually occurs on the use of printers in a long period of time. this is because the InkPad Counter has touched the maximum limit of counter storage so that the appearance of an error 5B00 which usually appears on the Desktop screen will notify notification with a runny ink cartridge icon.

Please note that up to now there is no Canon G Series Inkpad Counter Printer Resetter Software available. so to overcome them must be manually including; reset the IC with the Special Resetter Tool (IC must be removed from the mainboard), replace the EEPROM IC with a new unit or try the following tips that I will share. but does not guarantee it will run as expected in other words does not guarantee can really be a solution all depends on each hoky.

Even so, it never hurts to try, as an alternative The first step in an emergency for example When you have a lot of Job Print Documents suddenly your Canon G Series Printer Error 5B00, maybe this step can be a first-aid solution. The following is a Tutorial on How to Manually Reset a Canon G1000, G2000, G3000, and G4000 Printer:

  1. Turn off the Printer, prepare the paper in Baking Paper Printer
  2. Press and Hold the STOP button then press the power button
  3. Release the STOP Key Presses but still press the power button then press the STOP button 5 times in a row and release the presses of both buttons simultaneously.
  4. If the procedure is correct then the Printer will enter save mode MODE Indicator The light is green and silent.
  5. Press the STOP button 5 times and the printer power button 1 time the printer will print the document.
  6. Press the STOP button 3 times and the power button 1 time The printer will print the document
  7. Manual Reset is successful
  8. Turn off the printer and turn it back on, then the printer will return to normal and can be used to print documents

If after applying the method above the 5B00 error problem on your printer is not resolved, the only step you can do is replace the IC EEPROM. Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome Error 5B00 on Canon G1000, G2000, G3000 and G4000 Printers by manually reset.
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