How to Overcome the Privacy Protection Password Lenovo A319

For the first time I got a Job ByPass & Password Protection for Android Lenovo A319. .Initially I thought that to overcome the problem of locked Lenovo A319 Android Privacy Protection Password (Privacy Protection Pasword to Unlock) is very easy as overcoming the problem of forgetting Screen Pattern or PIN PIN on Lenovo Tabled and Android Advan.

After I tried to do a Hard Reset through Recovery with Wipe Data Factory and Cache Partition, it turns out that the Password Protection Privacy problem cannot be solved by Hard Reset. When finished, Reset Android Lenovo A319 still locked Privacy Protection Password. please read: Tutorial How to Hard Reset Lenovo A319

Out of Curiosity, I tried Alternative 2, namely by means of Flash Repeat. Usually by re-flashing all the settings / user settings will be lost and Android will return to the factory settings. It turns out that it does not apply to Android A3 Lenovo Locked Privacy Protection Password.

Even though it has been flashed again, the Password Protection Privacy is not deleted, when you want to set up a new device automatically & Lenovo A319 will be locked again and a notification will appear to enter the Password / PIN Privacy Protection Password to Unlock. Please read Tutorial How to Flash Android Lenovo A319 with SP Flash Tool.

I feel enough made dizzy to solve the problem of Android Lenovo A319 which is locked Privacy Protection Password. but after I tried Google Seaching it turns out there are 2 ways to overcome them, the first is by Reset Using Chinese Miracle II & and the second is using SP Flash Tool by reformatting Lenovo A319.

Initially I tried using the first option, namely using Chinese Miracle II. But after I tried downloading the application, it turned out I had to use the Dongle, and for the Crack Version of the application, there were mostly new versions that didn't work. for the Chinese Miracle II version of the Chinese Miracle II version (MTK Module, Ver. 1.43) by the Infinity-Box Team that can be used to overcome the Lenovo A319 Password Protection Privacy Password is very difficult to obtain.

Finally I tried the second alternative, namely the format of the Android Lenovo A319 using the SP Flash Tool with the risk if it turns out the bootloader from the incompatible firmware Lenovo A319 has been confirmed to be Dead Total. with anxiety and anxiety I tried it, because there were no other alternatives.

How, Run the SP Flash Tool Application, then just go straight into the Format Menu Tab. Select the Auto Format Flash Format and Whole Flash Format except Bootloader. press the Start Button then connect Android Lenovo A319 using a USB data cable while pressing the Volume Up and Down Buttons simultaneously.

SP Flash Tool will automatically detect, read and format Lenovo A319 devices. After the Format Process is complete the Icon Checklist will appear as shown in the screenshot below

The next step is to re-flash the Android Lenovo A319. Load the scatter file then let everything be listed including the Preloader. Press the Download Menu then connect Lenovo A319 with a USB cable while pressing the Volume Up and Down Buttons simultaneously.

When the Lenovo A319 Device has been detected, read and the flash process is running, release the press of both Volume Up and Down buttons, leave it and wait until the flash process is complete.

The process of reworking the Android Lenovo A319 is complete and successfully marked with the appearance of the Download OK Checklist icon as shown in the screenshot below:

Unplug the USB cable, then try turning on the Lenovo A319. Perform the setup to use a new device after flash following the instructions. The result is that Lenovo A319 is no longer locked in Privacy Protection Password and is ready to be used again properly.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome the Lenovo A319 Android which is locked with Password Protection by formatting and resetting Flash using SP Flash Tool. If there are things that are unclear and want to be asked please comment or Chat via WhatsApp for Fast Response.
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