How to Overcome PC Mainboard Just Want to Live Without a Case

Share the experience in terms of service and Install the Computer that I just finished. I get a computer job service that is enough to make me super dizzy and spend more than a day to fix it.

Long story short, there is one of my customers who complained that when the computer is turned on and starts booting Windows, but not until it's finished, suddenly the computer dies and cannot be turned on at all. it has been ascertained the condition of the electrical connection via the power cable and the power button is safe, and also the power supply is still in top condition.

After I check the perfunctory and try to replace the Power Supply even though it's confirmed the default PC power supply is not problematic, the computer still won't turn on at all. I also feel curious, usually, things like this step to check more deeply is to remove the mainboard from the case and try to turn it on without a case by removing additional components such as VGA Card. The result is the Mainboard is still alive and can be lit normally.

From this I draw the conclusion, the cause of the computer does not want to live is because of the mainboard components that ground with the case through the bolt. The solution is to coat the bolt using a special rubber as shown in the photo below

Usually, after the bolt is coated with rubber, the computer problem that does not want to start because of a ground main load problem can be solved. To ensure the problem of the mainboard ground cause the computer does not want to turn on is to turn on the mainboard outside the case.

I also installed Windows and a computer application program in a live mainboard without a case. after completing the installation I also tried to replace the mainboard and other PC components as before with an additional rubber bolt to prevent grounding.

after all components of the PC are installed, including here the External VGA Card, the computer cannot be turned on. Repeatedly I unload the VGA Card, the computer still won't turn on, when I try to turn it on without the VGA Card directly on, but sometimes it's also very difficult to want to live.

This is what makes me dizzy and not thought to ensure that the VGA Card is really in good condition. More than one day I do trials, from the morning, afternoon, night, and the next day until noon. the problem never resolved, I also had time to coat the VGA Card plate with foam so as not to cause ground.

After I felt tired, I began to suspect the VGA Card, maybe the VGA Card was the culprit that caused the PC would not live. It turned out to be true after I tried to dismantle the PC again and turn it on without a case and VGA Card, the mainboard can turn on normally. I tried to turn off and replace the power supply and pull off the mainboard power cable can live easily and normally without a VGA Card. turns out and it turns out the VGA Card is the culprit, maybe the VGA Card is dead or has a short experience so that when installed to make the mainboard protect itself by not turning on when the VGA Card is installed.

This is a valuable experience and will not be forgotten, and can be a guide and guide material and guidance for friends who may & nbsp; experience and encounter computers that only want to live normally without a case. can be caused by a mainboard ground problem or there are short components such as VGA or USB..
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