How to Deal with Android Chrome Pop Up Notification Ads

I recently got complaints from several customers about their Android mobile phones being affected by the Pop Up Notification Ad on the Google Chrome Browser. where when Android is connected to the internet network, advertisements will appear repeatedly. When tried to be eliminated by sipping, the pop up notifications will never run out and new notifications will always appear. Are you in the same boat with some of my customers

Of course this is very disturbing the comfort of Android users, all activities that you want to do on Android will be constrained by the appearance of notifications on the Android screen continuously, and only can stop and disappear if the internet data network is disabled. not to mention the type of ad that is shown on average is not worth seeing, especially for those of you who are Religious.

Adverts like this will embarrass you when you gather with your family or you are in a public place, and accidentally there are people who see these ads, it is certain they will have negative thoughts about you.

Actually Pop Up Notification Ads on this Google Chrome Application will not be infected / installed in the browser if no access permission is given. but most people do not realize, and instead provide access to Pop Up ad notifications installed on the Google Chome Browser which is used to surf the internet.

Note the screenshot below, the beginning when you visit a particular site or website that uses the site notification update feature, a notification window will appear to send notifications.

There are two Block and Allow options in the English language Block and Allow. Most people are not aware, because they may not pay attention to the notification permision directly pressing the Allow / Allow. from here one by one Site Notification Ads are installed unwittingly and finally accumulate, appearing repeatedly when Android is connected to the internet network.

How to Remove Google Chrome Android Browser Pop Up Site Notification Ads

At first I thought that to delete the Pop Up Site Browser Notification Virus Virus, I had to reset Android back to factory settings. But apparently there is an easier and more efficient and safe way to lose User Data stored in Android's Internal Memory.

Originated from one of the OPPO Android users affected by this problem, while as we know if the Android Oppo is reset it will definitely be locked FRP Google Account and for handling it is not as easy as other brands of Android, unless the owner is well aware of the email and passwordsynced.not to mention the data stored in the Internal Memory, especially the contact quite a lot, this is a consideration that needs to be thought about repeatedly before deciding to reset Android.

I also tried to look at the settings of the Google Chrome browser, and the results of the solution to the problem was solved. Following are the steps to delete the existence of Pop Pup Ad Notification in the Google Chrome Android Browser:

Open your Google Chrome Android, then Tab three dots in the upper right corner to enter the Settings or Settings menu.

Go to the Google Chrome Settings menu, then select Notification Menu

In the Google Chrome Browser Notification Settings window select Options From Site

It will display a list of Pop Up site Notification Ad Extensions that are already installed / installed in the Google Chrome Browser.

Click one by one the Pop Up Site Notification, then click the Delete and Reset menu.

The Confirm Delete window & Reset, are you sure you want to delete all local data, including cookies, and reset all permissions for this web? confirm Delete & Reset

Make sure all Pop Up Site Notification Extensions are completely removed, sweep clean, don't leave any behind.

Checklist Options Use a quieter Notification (block the notification pop-up so that it won't disturb you) then return to the Google Chrome settings menu.

Search and Find delete Browsing Data, to clear history, cookies, site data and Google Chrome Browser cache.

Select CONTINUE Options, Check all Options then Click on Delete Data menu.

The Chrome Data Information window pops up, click OK, Got it

Up to this point the process of removing the Pop Up Ad extension site to overcome and delete the Pop Up Ad Notification which is very annoying and annoying is complete and successful. Your Android is free from various Pop Up Notification Ads that previously caused inconvenience.

Just a suggestion, stop visiting sites that share negative content, because actually 99% of the problem Pop Up Notification Extensions can be installed on the browser comes from these sites. Android indirectly affected by problems like this describe an unhealthy hobby in cyberspace..
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