How to Change PDF Files to Word Manually Offline

PDF to Word. Changing the document file with the existence of PDF to the file format with the Word extension is a necessity that is sometimes much needed and needed by some people, especially for people with educational backgrounds such as schoolwork, schoolwork or school correspondence documents.

For example, the task of making scientific papers or papers whose source material is taken from the results of searching for google. Some papers are ready to be re-edited, especially on the SlideShare, AcademiaEdu, and Scrip sites using PDF format.

The PDF document file certainly cannot be re-edited or copied easily. You must first change the format to a Microsoft Word Document so you can re-edit or copy a portion of the paragraph text. if you rewrite it will certainly be a very tiring job and also requires quite a long time.

There is one way for PDF files to be easily re-edited or partially copied, by covering to Word both online and offline. for how to convert PDFs online all you need is a stable internet network and visit the PDF to Word Online Converter site. Upload the file, do the conversion then download the results of converting the PDF document that has been converted into Word.

But sometimes the results of converting PDF to Word online are less than satisfactory. In addition to the number of pages that are restricted to users of the free version, most converting results are messy with fragmented text in transparent columns.

Convert PDF to Word in addition to online can also be done offline using the help of a special application PDF to Word Converter for example, Abby Fine Reader OCR Converter.

With the Abby Fine Reader OCR Converter application, we can convert PDF files into words very easily and the results are guaranteed to be very satisfying. The text in the converted word file is not cluttered, so it will be very easy to re-edit and tidy up.

How do you feel curious?
Let's just practice how to easily convert PDF files to Word manually offline using the help of the Abby Fine Reader OCR Converter application.

Run the Abby Fine Reader OCR Converter Application. For those of you who don't have it, please download it first by searching Google.

Click the Open Image menu to load the target PDF file that you want to convert to Word.

Find where the location of the PDF file to be covered is saved. Select the PDF file then click Open

Wait for the batch Image Adding Process ... is complete

After all the pages in the PDF file are uploaded, read and displayed select the text area by hovering the cursor to the top left corner of the text area, click hold the mouse drag down and release.

The result as shown below shows that the text area has been selected as a gray grid line

Do a selection for other pages that want to be taken, here for example I take all the text in the PDF page.

After all are selected, select the page you want to convert can press the keyboard key Ctrl + A, press the CTRL key then click the selected page or if you want to select all the pages click on the last page press the Shiff button and hold then click the top page. click the Read menu to make the Abby Fine Reader OCR application read text from the selected page.

Wait until the process of reading the page text to complete

After the process of Reading Text Page Completed, Click Menu Convert to Microsoft Word & Send All Pages to & gt; Microsoft Word.

Wait for the Read and Convert PDF to Word process to finish

Automatically when the convert process is complete, a Microsoft Word page window will open that displays the results of converting PDF to Word.

The results of converting PDF to Word using the Abby Fine Reader OCR application are quite good, the text looks neat and not cluttered, not fragmented by transparent columns / tables like the results of conver using other applications or through the PDF to Word Online Converter site.

You only need to correct the detective error of the letters and the distance between sentences which is sometimes tenuous more than 1 space

More details, note the Capture Process to Convert PDF to Word using the following Abby Fine Reader OCR Converter

What do you think? very easy instead of changing PDF files to Worde Manually Offile using the Abby Fine Reader OCR Converter application.

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I hope this tutorial is easy to understand and practice and is certainly useful for those of you who need a tutorial on how to convert PDF to Word files easily with satisfying results.
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