How to Download a Google Drive File that is Infected with a Virus

The problem of downloading file targets in Google Drive that is indicated to be infected with a virus is not something new. usually when you want to download a particular file, especially the Software Program that is accompanied and or the results of Pathed or Cracked & nbsp; Google Drive saves a notification that informs you that the file is infected with a virus and can harm your computer.

This is only natural because the software is an unofficial application and has been modified in such a way that it can be used permanently without subscribing or buying a license from the developer. Google Drive still gives freedom of access to anyone to be able to download files that indicate a virus with a record of understanding and ready to accept the risk & nbsp; contracting the virus.

Like for example the printer resetter software, Epson Printer Resetter for example. Which by default is not distributed free of charge. for anyone who needs and wants to use it must buy a license from the developer at a price that is quite expensive but in accordance with the benefits actually obtained.

But still, there are certain elements who deliberately modify the Program that should have to register by paying for a license to become permanent full access for free, to then share it with the public internet users.

Please note that for those of you who like to use Free Software that is Cracked and Pathed actually uses pirated software that is not commendable. But again it all depends on taste, purchasing power and also the respective principles. Cracked or Pathed software or applications that are shared through Google Drive and are indicated to have contracted the virus are actually not always dangerous, as I alluded to earlier this is quite natural to happen because Pirated Software is not a legal thing.

Even so you as a user still have to consider the risks that must be borne, because. not infrequently sometimes pirated results of the pirate really do contain dangerous viruses, for example, I have downloaded and used an Android bypass application that is indicated by a virus The result after I tried disabling Antivirus and Windows Firewall and using the application, one by one the application programs installed on Windows are infected with a virus and cannot be used, including all the installer programs that have been infected and can no longer be used for the installation process.

That's a little picture of why files downloaded in Google Drive sometimes indicate contracting a virus, dangerous or not, you decide and take the risk.

Guide on How to Download a Google Drive File Infected Virus

To still be able to download Google Drive files that are indicated to be infected with a virus requires special tricks, so that files can still be downloaded and stored on computer, laptop and Android storage drives. Please follow the steps below:

Click Download File menu that is infected, after the download is complete it will appear notifikasi dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it which means Google Chrome automatically blocks access to the storage of files downloaded to Drive. To still be able to save the downloaded file and free the result file from the Block Storage by Google Drive, we have to give permission to keep the downloaded file.

How to click 3 dots in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser, then select the Downloads menu, it will display the entire dialog of Google Chrome download work, including files that have just been downloaded and blocked by Google Chrome. Click the Keep Dangerous File option

After you click the Keep Dangerous File Option, a confirmation window will appear if you really want to keep the file, click Keep Anyway.

If the file that you download is immediately indicated by Anvirus installed in Windows, to overcome it first disable Antivirus for a while. After the file is successfully saved then you re-enable protection from Antivirus. Antivirus disable steps can also be applied before you confirm the storage of dangerous files downloaded.

Finally the file that was infected with the virus was successfully downloaded and stored in the storage drive of the computer, laptop or Android device. if you want to use the downloaded application file that is indicated to be infected with this virus, you must disable Antivirus for a while until you finish using it.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Download files from Google Drive that is indicated to be infected with a Virus, so that they can still be downloaded and stored in the Drive storage device that you use to access files.
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