Tutorial How to Take Care of Your Printer So Long-Lasting Live

Good morning, friend, TEKSO, continue with the previous post 5 Reasons for Not Choosing a Canon Multi Scan Printer on this occasion, the admin will share Tips on How to Take Care of the Printer So Long Live. As we know, there are many factors that affect the durability of a printer. ranging from brands and brands that are well known in terms of usage also greatly affect the durability of the printer itself so it is not easily damaged. Then what is the way or the pattern of usage and maintenance of the printer so Long Live? let's ... consider the Admin's experience regarding Printer Patterns and Maintenance in the following printing business.

Over the years in the printing business, things that from the beginning to the present Admin do in the use of a printer, among others:

  1. Turn off the printer when finished using (Close Hours).This is quite important in addition to reducing the age of usage, it also provides a break or breaks for printers with this rationale if a device is used continuously without any break time will certainly be damaged quickly in addition to avoiding being short due to electric shock in the evening.because sometimes power outages or auto restart power often occur at Bedtime or night time. Not just once or even two to three times the Printer Admin was once broken Dead Total for no reason that we know for certain. at night the printer is normal, then the morning when it will be used suddenly can no longer be turned on. Most likely at night, there was short because the surge in electricity is not stable and the printer is still in a state of Standby. 
  2. Regularly clean the Printer from dust and dirt. This is very important because if it is not done it could be dust or dirt particles that stick to the printer into vital parts that will cause damage. such as the inclusion of dust puddle little by little the flow of ink that will cause the print head to clog and clogged. 
  3. Protect the printer from foreign objects that might fall in the printer area and dust that falls at night by giving a cloth lid. This is often overlooked or ignored by most users, Admins themselves often receive printer services and conditions are very alarming. impressed the printer is only used without care, a pile of dust that surrounds the printer to the dirt that enters the paper box area. of course, this is very dangerous for the printer, where foreign objects and piles of dust that enter the printer's mechanical parts may hinder the performance of components that cause the printer to become an error. 
  4. Routinely checks the ink volume (Ink Tank) and fills it up when the ink level is at half the volume of the tube. Using the printer continuously without regard to ink level is also a factor in damage. from the manufacturers themselves, especially Epson, have included warning labels that using printers below the ink level line can cause damage. Profit or good that we can if we always try to keep the minimum ink level at half the ink tank, then the flow of ink through the hose to the cartridge and head will be smooth and stable so that it will indirectly increase the level of durability of the printer head because not burdened with drawing ink from an ink tank.automatically when the ink level in the ink tank is fully maintained, the ink pressure and flow become normal and the ink withdrawal by the cartridge and head becomes light. This particular point 4 admin has already done a trial and really pays attention to the differences in the ink level of the ink tank which is always full and the ink level of the ink tank that is left or rarely noticed below the halfway line of the ink tank. Printers that keep the ink level always full have never experienced the name replace ink, so smooth and safe even if used continuously printing. usually, the printer after experiencing Replace ink (Head Cleaning) the printout will experience a slight change (striped or color does not match) so that Head Cleaning needs to be done several times until the print is completely normal. 
  5. Choose ink that is a premium quality, premium quality here Admin means that ink with a middle-class price is usually with an average price above Rp. 30,000. Do not use cheap ink such as literal ink or ink that costs below Rp. 20,000 / bottle. Based on personal experience Admin Cheap ink is very dangerous to the health of the head, if we use cheap ink that is now widely circulating in the market it will reduce the age of use of the printer head even Admin himself has experienced head damage immediately after refill with literal ink.the printout is less dense, and slightly shaded until it is stripped. After doing several cleaning it actually has a more severe impact. the printer in the normal setting mode the printout is streaky and broken, forced to use the new high mode setting the printout is pretty good. this, of course, will reduce the age of the head itself because it is forced to print with a high mode setting (the head is hot/overhead) and ends up broken. 
It is better for a friend, TEKSO, to buy a bit of premium quality ink, although it is a bit expensive with the health benefits/durability of the printer head maintained than to buy a cheap redone with the hope of having a lot of profit but at the end of the loss. as we know today the price of cartridges or headcounts expensive is almost close to the price of a new printer so be smart to speculate.

Those are some tips that may be TEKSO friends can apply in the pattern of usage and maintenance of a printer so that it lasts long live. Hopefully, this will be useful and final words of greeting TEKSO.
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